Monday, July 02, 2007

Sprint Ahead?

Sprint has started a new advertising campaign and slogan.

Instead of "Power Up", the new slogan is "Sprint ahead".

This entry is going to talk about how Sprint ISN'T ahead or even close to being ahead. Sprint needs to look at their customer service and how they can improve it. We deal with carriers all day long and it is the hardest to deal with Sprint. We are even a Sprint Master Agent and we run into the same things that everyone else does :(

Yes, sometimes we are on hold being transfered back and forth for an hour as we try to resolve a customer issue.

In the latest embarrassment, we use the Sprint direct ship program. When we get your order at, we enter it into Sprint's order system and they ship it directly to us (for pre-activation or for us to include routers/antennas/amps/etc), OR Sprint ships to you. For the most part, it works well. Place your order by 3pm CST and 95% of the time, it ships the same day.

However, we have seen a recent problem. For those ordering ExpressCards (EX720 or 597E) AND also ordering an ExpressCard Adapter, We have had many cases, where we order the Adapter, BUT Sprint fails to ship it and then it is an hour phone call trying to resolve it and we still never get a solution.

To solve this problem, if you are ordering an EX720 or 597E with an PCMCIA ExpressCard Adapter, please order it pre-activated, so that it comes to us first. We will grab an ExpressCard Adapter from our stock and then you (or WE), won't have to deal with resolving a problem - problem will never be created. If you are in a hurry, we can still ship the card from Sprint to you directly, BUT we will ship the ExpressCard adapter from our stock directly. There will be an extra shipping charge, BUT it will be worth it.

We used to think that the most important reason for dealing with is that our tech support is is LEAPS above what you will get when you call Sprint. We will have to add, that 3Gstore's Sprint Customer Service Department is now providing service LEAPS above what Sprint does and offers another reason to use (let us deal with the missing $150 service credit, or preventing the missed item, so that YOU don't have to waste your time on the phone calling Sprint).