Thursday, August 23, 2007

Novatel U727 & Pantech PX600

Looks like Novatel is hard at work on their next USB device called the Novatel U727. The Novatel U727 is a replacement for the popular U720. The U720 was recently End Of Lifed (EOL) at Sprint. Novatel is going to have a hard time competing with the "almost released" Franklin CDU-680, which has every feature anyone can possibly need in a tiny EVDO USB form factor.

Also, looks like Pantech is working on a PCMCIA EVDO Rev A card called the Pantech PX600. The PX600 will serve as the entry level EVDO Card. This card will be manufactured by UTStarcom.

Either way, lots of changes are going to happen over the coming months and as always, we will be reporting on them on and this blog.

Of course when available, we will update our wireless data card guide on

Monday, August 13, 2007

Franklin CDU-680, Tiny EVDO USB Modem

Look for the Franklin CDU-680 to be available soon. This tiny EVDO USB Modem is loaded with features which include:
  • EVDO Rev A USB Modem
  • 1/3 of the size of previous USB modems, it is tiny!
  • Built-in 64mb Usable Flash/Thumb Drive
  • Windows XP/2000, Linux and Mac OS X connection Managers already installed on built-in flash drive
  • built-in GPS (works on Macs too)
  • Full Mac OS X Connection Manager
  • built-in antenna connector for external antennas and amplifiers
  • swivel USB connector
The Franklin CDU-550 was the first EVDO Modem to offer Mac support and the CDU-680 continues that tradition of offering native Mac OS X software. All connection software for Mac, Windows & Linux come ready to install on the built-in flash drive.

As an example of the size, see the AirCard 595U (left), Novatel U720 (center) and Franklin CDU-680 (right) pictured below.

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The Franklin CDU680 is not yet shipping, if you would like to be notified when it is shipping, please visit our Franklin CDU-680 Notification List.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Bush Upholds ITC QualComm Ban

The Bush Administration has upheld the ITC Qualcomm chip ban. This was an expected move. Verizon is already paying Broadcom a license fee. Sprint has worked with Qualcomm for a software fix. It is unclear what this ban means for the industry. Time will tell.

More info at:

Qualcomm & ITC EVDO / WCDMA Ban -