Friday, September 28, 2007

Sprint U727 & Verizon USB727

What a wacky and competitive world it is in the race for cellular broadband supremacy.

According to sources, Sprint's new U727 EVDO USB modem was supposed to be announced on 10/01/07 but everything was pushed up and announced yesterday, after Verizon announced their version of the same device, the USB727.

Verizon's press release came out first, and announced they would ship their USB727's out on 10/05. Sprint's release comes out second, but they announce that they plan on shipping their U727's out on 10/01 and if they do, they get product out first.

Whatever the case may be, has both on order, and we'll ship them as soon as we get them.

In conjunction with the releases, has announced a new promotion for the Sprint U727 - The first 100 customers who buy the Sprint Novatel U727 from will get a FREE 1 GigaByte microSD card included with their order, so that they can actually use the flashdrive as soon as they get it.

Click here to take advantage of this special deal, right now

For those with more storage needs, also will be selling the Sprint 4GB microSD card online.

If you are looking to save some $$$, purchase your Verizon USB727 from Verizon is selling the USB727 for $149.99 (after $50 mail-in rebate on 2 year plan). is selling the USB727 for $69.99 (after $50 mail-in rebate on 2 year plan).

Looks like Sprint Wins. We got our first U727 on Tuesday 10/2/2007. More info at: U727 - First Impressions

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Verizon USB727 is First EVDO USB Modem with Integrated microSD

Verizon announced its USB727 as their latest Rev-A USB Modem. The USB727 from Novatel is tiny -- its only about 3" long x 1" wide and only a half an inch thick!The USB727 is also the first USB modem to offer an integrated microSD slot, allowing seamless storage and transport of up to 4 GB of files, photos or videos or even music.

Much more to come about this new modem, but for now you can read the full press release on EVDOinfo, and discuss it on EVDOforums using the links below.

Read the full USB727 Pres Release
Discuss the Verizon USB727 on

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Testing 3G/EVDO Device Speeds

The speed or throughput of every EVDO device ever released has been called into question by countless people. Everyone wants there to be a "overall fastest device", and they want us to tell them which one it is and then back it up claims with irrefutable evidence.

If we felt that we could, we would stick our necks out there and establish our opinion on what device is the fastest... but even we cannot come up with any repeatable evidence of any device being capable of consistently faster throughput than any other device.

Each device has to go through many carrier certification processes to justify their claim as being a Rev-0 or Rev-A device. Once a device is certified, it has proven itself capable of attaining the theoretical top speed of either specification. Even the FCC gets involved in these certification processes since EVDO is radio/cellular technology.

Speed of any device is most often a question of signal strength, cell tower load, and overall carrier network load. Rarely (if ever) is realized speed a result of the brand or model of device.

The only true way anyone could pass judgment on which device is superior to another would be by using third-party "closed loop" testing equipment which would eliminate all other potential traffic from affecting results. This kind of equipment and testing environment is out of reach of most people, and instead, everyone has their favorite online speed test website.

Our favorite speed test sites are and, but they aren't favorites because we think they are the most accurate... We like them because they are simple to use, provide historical archives and comparisons, and provide end users with a graphic that includes test results and can be passed along as evidence/proof of test results.

These and all other online test sites operate in similar ways. They run a script that times how long it takes to download a specific amount of non-compressable data from their server to your computer and calculates the speed of your connection based on the amount of time it takes for the test to complete. During that test, your connection could easily be passing through 10-20-30 or more 'hops', each one suffering their own network load, and each one contributing to the overall speed and latency of your individual speed test.

Because of the nature of what happens during these online speed tests, even multiple consecutive tests will show varied results. Sometimes incredulously.

Using these online speed tests, there has never been any concrete evidence that one model of 3G device is consistently and repeatedly faster than another similar device. Even speedtests recorded on EVDOmaps by the over 10,000 members of EVDOforums provide only one conclusion...

One person's fast device, is just as easily another person's dog

Friday, September 14, 2007

Franklin CDU-680 EVDO USB Modem Now Shipping

The Franklin CDU-680 USB EVDO Rev A Modem is now shipping! We have a huge waiting list for this item. Look for the complete review to be posted on soon. This EVDO modem is around 1/3 of the size of previous EVDO USB Modems, includes a built-in flash drive. On the flash drive are connection managers for Windows, Mac and Linux. First EVDO Modem to support GPS and Location services on Mac (find nearest ATM, Gas Station, right from your Mac).

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

LinkSys WRT54G3G-ST Speed Fix

The LinkSys WRT54G3G-ST Router has been a very popular router for many EVDO Card customers, however, some users quickly discovered that the WRT54G3G-ST had an upload speed problem. Some creative users started making their own LinkSys firmware to get around the problem. However, one user find a VERY SIMPLE fix to get the WRT54G3G-ST working at full speeds.

For directions see:

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USB727 - Verizon

The Verizon USB727 will be available on October 5, 2007.

Read Press Release on Verizon USB727.

Order a Verizon USB727 for $69.99 (after $50 mail-in rebate)

Features of the USB727 Include:

  • BroadbandAccess and NationalAccess Compatible
  • 2–in–1 USB Device: BroadbandAccess and Memory storage (4 MB+ capacity–sold separately)
  • Rev. A Capable: Typical download speeds of 600–1400 kbps and upload speeds of 500–800 kbps
  • Compatible with all devices supporting the Type A USB interface including desktops, notebooks, tablet PCs and PDAs
  • VZAccess Manager software for easy connection management
  • Intuitive user interface
  • High performance, flip–up antenna
  • 3–color service state LED
  • External Antenna Port/Connector (external antenna sold separately)
  • 2–way Text Messaging capable (via VZAccess Manager)
  • NDIS driver support
  • VPN compatible
  • Type A USB Port Compatibility
  • microSD™ Memory Port
  • Durable High Performance Antenna Design
  • External Antenna Connector
System Requirements
  • Universal Type Serial Bus (USB)
  • Windows® 2000, XP, Vista and Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher; Linux
  • 32 MB RAM memory
  • 14 MB free hard disk space
  • Dimensions: 2.76" (H) x 0.98" (W) x 0.47" (D)
  • Weight: 1.13 oz
  • SAR: 1.14W/kg User–Lap Position