Saturday, October 20, 2007

EVDO Built-in - Tip for Verizon or Sprint Customers

There is a little secret that Verizon OR Sprint (or AT&T) do not want you to know about. They are paying computer manufacturers to embed their mobile broadband devices directly into laptops. Why would they do that? Well, you of course, would sign up and then pay the cell phone carrier $59.99/month for access. That is how they make their money!

BUT, is this a good deal for the consumer?

It may not be the best choice! What happens if you sell, break, lose OR upgrade your laptop? You may have to pay retail for a mobile broadband card and that can run you $200 - $320.

Here is the tip.

If your laptop is running Sprint, purchase the cheapest card you can from Sprint with a 2 year plan (go USB for most flexibility). If your laptop has Verizon, purchase a Verizon USB card (or PCMCIA, whatever you want). After purchasing the card, do an ESN swap from your new card TO YOUR Built-in mobile broadband. You not have access with your built-in mobile broadband AND you have a backup EVDO card (just in case). Heck, you can even sell it on ebay if you want - but we recommend hanging on to the card, just in case.

If you need help, just contact the EVDO experts at, they can help.