Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kyocera KR2

We love the Kyocera KR1 EVDO Router, it has been around for almost 2 years and it is starting to show its age, or is it? delivers a modified KR1 that supports GPS tracking via GoogleEarth (very cool). But a lot has changed over the last two years. As new cards have come out, Kyocera hasn't always been quick to update the firmware to support the latest EVDO cards. At times, this has been painful. The current KR1 Firmware (RK1011) does support many of the Sprint PCMCIA cards and some of the Verizon ones, BUT not the latest.

The Top Global MB6800 supports ALL of the latest EVDO cards, but has a power issue with USB modems and the MB6800 requires an external powered USB hub to work correctly. There are some exciting developments coming around the corner with the MB6800 - so keep a close eye on this router.

We are also very exicted about the CradlePoint CTR350, it supports most of the current USB modems, and can even support many ExpressCards with a ExpressCard to USB Adapter. We are excited about the CradlePoint, BUT what about Kyocera?

Lets talk about what we would like to see in the Kyocera KR2

Edit: Two days after we blog about it, Kyocera announces their KR2 ahead of the CTIA show. Just a coincidence... or really good timing? maybe it was just luck.

Check out the full press release with details about the KR2's features.

Here's a picture of it as well:
Oh, the KR2 is expected to drop during 1st Quarter of 2008.