Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Novatel U727 Antenna Connector

Watch out! There are some "places" on the internet that are claiming they have a cable for the Novatel U727 USB Modem. The cables that they have are the same cable for other EVDO modems and these cables will probably damage your U727.

The picture to the right is the actual schematic we received from Novatel of the U727 / USB 727 EVDO modem. We have been reading up on this connector and it is different than any other connector that has been used in an EVDO modem previously. We have tried some existing connectors and they "kind of fit", they don't and the middle pin appears to be larger, so when you are inserting it into your connector, you may actually be damaging the internal connector.

So, if someone out there, claims they have one, be sure they are reputable, they may be out there making wild claims that MIGHT damage your brand new USB modem.

BTW, the ONLY reputable place that might have the first cable is Verizon Wireless, they list the cable as an accessory, BUT it is on backorder.