Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sprint lends a helping hand to people in California

Sprint is helping the people of California by providing tools and support to stay connected with their family and friends.

The company is distributing up to 2,000 universal wireless phone batteries based on need to the customers that evacuated to Qualcomm Stadium. They also have a support tent outside of the Qualcomm Stadium and DelMar evacuation center to charge phones, assist with free calls and provide wireless high-speed internet access. Sprint stores in the California area are giving customers a place to make free phone calls and a 50% discount on wall chargers, car chargers and batteries this week.

That’s not all they are also, donating $50,000 dollars to the Red Cross and sending the Sprint Nextel Emergency Response Team to help.

Sprint also offers these preparedness tips for those forced to evacuate:

* Keep your wireless phone and extra backup batteries charged if evacuation is a possibility, but be aware that an interruption of commercial power and wire line service also could affect wireless calls.

* In times of commercial power outages, a car charger for your wireless phone should enable you to recharge the battery. In the event of an evacuation, bring your wall charger with you as well.

* Keep extra phones and accessories in a sealed plastic bag to help avoid damage.

* Load family emergency numbers into your wireless phone and keep a copy of the numbers in your sealed plastic bag. Make sure those who need it have your wireless number.

* In situations where some portions of the wireless network have been impacted by power outages or damage from a fire, text messages might be able to get through where voice calls can't.

Region President Mike Finley said, “Our customers are priority one and we want them to know we're here to help.” He also said, “While our networks continue to perform at high levels, allowing call traffic to flow, we continue to monitor the situation closely. We were first on the scene with communications support at Qualcomm evacuation center and we will continue to support the southern California community and provide relief by doing what we do best – connecting individuals with the ones they love."

Thanks Sprint for being the best!

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