Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sprint Sierra AirCard 595 and AirCard 595U RIP

Sprint AirCard 595 PCMCIA and AirCard 595U Dropped From Sprint

It looks like Sprint will soon be "retiring" the Sierra AirCard 595 and the Sierra AirCard 595U EVDO Rev A modems. The AC595 is no longer available from Sprint's warehouse and the 595U is out of stock and it looks like Sprint may not get any more.

The AirCard 595 will stop being available in many Sprint channels this week.

The AirCard 595U will soon follow the same fate. The 595U was around the shortest for any Mobile Broadband card, it was introduced in late April 2007.

It looks like Sprint is betting on two new hot USB devices, the Franklin CDU-680 and the Novatel U727. If you are in need of an AirCard 595, you should purchase very soon, you can always check for latest availability at