Sunday, November 04, 2007

“Hello Sprint 595U, Goodbye, Hello????”

A few weeks ago Sprint was retiring the Sierra Aircard 595U. Now they are going to just replace the Sierra Aircard 595U with a new one. Instead of having a docking station they will now have one with a USB cable.

The “new 595U” should be available very soon.

Remember, the Sierra Aircard 595U is the only EVDO card with a built-in battery. We still would not recommend going with this card because of the battery. We have however, resolved the router issue with this card. All you need is the Top Global MB6800 with a powered usb hub or using the new CradlePoint CTR 350 by itself.

EVDOinfo favorite EVDO USB are still Sprint’s Novatel U727 (or Verizon U727) for Window users and the Franklin CDU-680 for Mac users.

So time will tell if this new device will add to that favorite list!