Monday, November 12, 2007

Some like it HOT! A portable hotspot that is.

Thanks to our new Cradlepoint CTR350 router we will now have a portable hotspot for the BlackBerry 8830. Just think all you need is a CTR 350 (tiny travel router) and your BlackBerry 8830. Then in twelve seconds you can have an active hotspot. That means this connection can be shared with others. Are you impressed? We are because, Cradlepoint just came out with a new firmware today to support the Sprint BlackBerry 8830. 3gstore will be including the latest firmware on a CD starting November 13, 2007. Hurry and get your hotspot today (from 3Gstore).

So, how powerful is this new hotspot? Right now, I am sitting in my car (not moving) posting this entry - that is pretty cool, huh?