Wednesday, December 19, 2007

3GStore CTR350 EVDO Router firmware enables ethernet as LAN

Through a strategic partnership with Cradlepoint, 3Gstore now has an EXCLUSIVE custom build of CTR350 EVDO Router firmware that enables ethernet port for use as LAN port, removing a roadblock that kept many potential customers from buying it.

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Starting today, all customers who buy their CTR350 from will get the exclusive firmware on a CD prepared by 3Gstore.

Customers who have already bought their CTR350 from can email their invoice number to to ask for instructions on how to get the firmware.

This exclusive firmware is a "custom build" for 3Gstore and has not yet received a full QA cycle by Cradlepoint. For this reason, Cradlepoint will NOT be releasing this special firmware until it has gone through a full QA cycle, sometime early 2008.

Until Cradlepoint officially releases the firmware to the public, only customers of can get the firmware or tech support for it.

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