Tuesday, January 08, 2008

3Gstore provides customers Sprint EVDO connection fix

Does that image look familiar to you? It does for many Sprint EVDO users who have found themselves unable to surf certain websites, but have no issue surfing other sites. An EVDOforums thread started in August 2007 now has over 120 posts from Sprint customers growing tired of the widespread problem.

The EVDO Experts at 3GStore have spent hours with every level of Sprint tech support trying to understand and isolate the problem.

Some of the suggestions from Sprint tech support boggle the mind:

"its your computer" -- nope.
"its your anti-virus software -- nope.
"its your firewall" -- nope.
"its your EVDO device" -- nope.
"it must be the weather" -- please. give. me. a. break.

What it has been is difficult to reproduce -- because the symptoms can obviously have multiple causes and starting over with each customer's specifics with Sprint tech support, is sheer madness. (hey sprint. here's a clue. your scripts do NOT have all the answers. use your heads!)

3gstore is confident about one cause for this rampant/growing problem and we have developed specific troubleshooting procedures to see if certain reproducible conditions exist. We now make available a document exclusively for 3Gstore customers who bought their Sprint EVDO device and service through 3gstore.com

Of course everyone would prefer a real solution from Sprint instead of a workaround from 3gstore... but when our customers are paying $60/mo for "unlimited" service, they expect to use it without limitations.

We elaborate more on the document at this full article on EVDOinfo.com