Saturday, January 05, 2008

My First Day Working at

We had a new tech person start last week here at He came from one of the larger carriers we deal with every day. In fact, he spent his time on the phone all day long. I asked him how many calls he would handle a day, he said 100+. I asked how long the calls would be and he said around 3 minutes. I thought, how can tech issues be resolved in 3 minutes? I asked him to write about his first day on the job, and here is his post.

Most people begin their career in any field having primarily a work satisfaction motivation. Later in your career, economic motivation often becomes a more dominant goal, sometimes as a result of a growing family. But later in life it goes back to satisfaction motivation.

That was the case with me. I used to work for a big telecommunication company before I realize that I was no longer motivated nor satisfied with my job function.

I resigned and set my goals on looking for a smaller company where my skills could be better put to use.

After searching for a couple of months I came across a company where I wanted to work and make a difference. I made contact with the owner of and after some discussion and a series of interviews I was offered a position.

My first day on the job for this company was amazing. Listening to the tech, sales representatives on the phones completely surprised me.

As they interacted with the customers on the other end of the line I noticed there were no scripts, no standard protocol. Each representative had their own style, and they did everything possible to assist the customer with their issue the first time they called.

There were many differences between the big telecommunication company and Here are some of the differences I noticed immediately:

Big Company

1. Scripts
2. Specialized Jobs (tech support, financial services, customer services, data support, business accounts, telesales, etc)
3. AHT (average hold time) to abide by, call work, hold time, etc

1. no scripts everyone style is different I noticed the calls were more personal and ran more smoothly.
2. at 3Gstore everyone does everything. If a call arrives that requires tech support or sales support you can take and handle the call. No need to transfer the customer to put him in another Que where he will sit for another 10-15 minutes.
3. You are also empowered to handle the call without regard to AHT (average hold time) from a customer stand point I feel valued when I am not rushed off a call get resolution on my calls. This makes me want to shop at that place again.

There is no question that compensation, benefits for the same level of employment is greater in a larger company than a smaller one.

However I noticed that working for a big corporation you play politics if you want to advance and because you are just a number any input or recommendations that you have that could make your job easier are mostly ignored.

With a smaller company satisfaction motivation becomes a big perk, At least in my situation.

Thanks for your post Dario and welcome aboard!