Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year's Resolutions for EVDO Carriers

Happy New Year everyone! Its time to ponder what we think Sprint and Verizon should have on their list of New Year's Resolutions.

For Sprint:

  • Allow easier ESN swaps on all devices. (verizon users can do this via the web!)
  • Allow an account setting to block international roaming. (verizon users can request this!)
  • Drop the monthly rate to $59.99/mo for 1-year contract. (verizon already offers this!)
  • Provide a full connection manager for Mac OSX. (you guessed it. verizon offers this!)
  • Provide better customer support using people who speak english natively.
  • Stop lying about corporate discounts on $59.99/mo 'promotional rate'.
  • Stop experimenting on LIVE network. Testing should NEVER affect customers!
  • Fix your backend accounting system (Merge the 2 you have AND pay your dealers on time - Sprint is 9 months behind paying us at times AND if your customers did that to you, you would cancel them.

For Verizon:

  • Enable and Support GPS features of devices that have them. (sprint does this!)
  • Stop threatening customers with actions based on 5GB per month of data usage.
  • Stop telling people the service does not work with EVDO routers.
  • Make sure all your reps can add, and they all read from same pricing scripts.

And for all 3G carriers, these should really be a priority:

  • Improve your customer support standards. Seriously.
  • Get more backhaul out to your cell towers. A T-1 won't cut it anymore.
  • Get more towers into all populated areas.
  • We don't need no stinkin' activation fees. At least refund them after xx months.
  • Train your people better. Let them actually USE some dedicated data devices.
  • Stop promoting newest devices as faster than existing when they are the same spec.
  • Stop pushing older Rev-o technology devices at low prices. Nobody wants junk.
  • Lower your monthly rates. DSL and Cable have. You should too.