Friday, February 08, 2008

Cradlepoint CTR350 and PHS300 Are Newest ATT HSDPA Routers

The already very popular Cradlepoint Ctr350 and PHS300 Routers are now also the coolest and tiniest AT&T HSDPA Routers on the market today.

With the release of firmware 2.0.0, both routers now support not just more EVDO devices, but they now support the Sierra Wireless 881u USB HSDPA Modem and Option GT Max HSDPA ExpressCard, as well as several AT&T handsets like the Motorola RAZR v3xx, Motorola Q v9h Samsung SGH-A707, and Samsung Blackjack.

Customers who buy their Cradlepoint routers at will be provided the latest firmware on CD with their order, to serve as a backup in case they need it and cannot get online to download it.

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