Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Compass 597 USB EVDO Modem by Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless Announces Compass 597 USB EVDO Modem

Sierra Wireless announced today a new USB Modem called the 597 USB EVDO Rev A Modem. This modem will not be shipping until the April/May timeframe. It is unclear if it will be available on Verizon or Sprint first.

We hope to get a test unit direct from Sierra for some early testing and benchmarking and then we will know how it compares to other EVDO USB modem and other answers such as:

  • Does it work natively with Mac
  • Does it "fit" in the MacBook Air
  • How much power does it need
  • How does it compare in size to the CDU680, U727, UM150, etc.
For the latest info on the 597 USB, please see the following links: