Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Why 3Gstore stopped selling Top Global routers has officially stopped selling all Top Global MB6000, MB6800 and MB8000 routers.

The primary reason we've done this is that the quality of support for the routers took a turn for the worse in recent months, and the trend did not appear to be reversing itself.

We could tell you horror stories of how TG sent used routers to customers as warranty replacements after 5 weeks of "repairing a router", or how the outsourced "tech support department" would routinely just issue RMA's rather than make an effort to resolve any problem... even solve-able ones.

Let's not even get started on how they listed a device as compatible and supported without ever actually testing it, and then when we had a customer with that device that would not work, they told us "OK, we'll take it off the list".

We also won't mention that their documented features had documentation so poorly written that even a linguist would struggle with them... and let's not forget how many features were un-documented, and as a result... un-supported.

Our tech department struggled every day with the "Version Roulette". No change history on what was added and we always found things that were broke from firmware to firmware.

In hindsight, we sold Top Global products because router choices were limited and the competition had even more issues, or even less device compatibility...

That's all changed now that we have Cradlepoint ... not just as a supplier, but an honest to goodness "strategic partner" who is willing to work closely with us to deliver the best product possible, backed by the best support in the business.

Goodbye Top Global.