Monday, May 05, 2008

CTIA/CostQuest Study: less than 10% outside of cellular broadband coverage

3Gstore answers hundreds of calls/emails/chats/forumposts each week, and many are from people who start off by saying something like:

"We live in an area where there is no hope for cable or DSL, but miraculously there is EVDO where we live, and now we need the best setup possible for high speed internet..."

Its amazing to think just how widespread broadband cellular is nowadays, and a recent 3-month study by CTIA and CostQuest now provides us with numbers we can quote.

The study concluded that only about 23 million Americans live in areas without access to mobile broadband access.

When you compare that to the 300m people the Census site says there are, it means less than 10% of the nation is outside of the reach of broadband cellular.

It won't be long before wireless broadband cellular will be as commonplace as traditional 'public utilities'...

If you've discovered that EVDO is available in your area, count on the EVDO Experts at to help you choose the right gear for your situation.

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