Friday, May 02, 2008

KR2 Firmware ZE1002 enables HSDPA and more EVDO devices

Kyocera KR2 by
Kyocera has released Firmware ZE1002 for their KR2 router that enables support for many more EVDO devices, as well as HSDPA phones and devices from AT&T...

We discovered the new firmware late last week, but the official announcement and changes to the Kyocera site happened this morning. You can find product compatibility matrix and a firmware update guide by clicking here, and you can download the ZE1002 firmware itself, here.

This new firmware is two weeks behind the similar Firmware 1.2 released by Cradlepoint for their very similar MBR1000 router... Two weeks is much better than we expected, and we hope that future KR2 firmware will be released in as timely a manner... if not even sooner.

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