Sunday, June 22, 2008

3G Speeds For iPod Touch Using PHS300 EVDO Router

3G Speeds for iPod Touch Using PHS300 EVDO Router
Cradlepoint PHS300 Router with iPod Touch and Sprint Compass 597 EVDO USB ModemHigh Speed WiFi For iPod Touch - ANYWHERE
Using Cradlepoint PHS300 3G / EVDO Router

Love using your iPod Touch and think having a full blown browser at your fingertips is incredible? The only problem? You need to be near a WiFi hot spot in order for Safari to work at high speeds on the iPod Touch.

How can you use your iPod Touch when you are in your car? On the Beach? At a Ball Game? In Your RV? We have a simple solution. Get an EVDO USB modem like the Sprint Compass 597 or the Verizon UM150 along with a Cradlepoint PHS300 EVDO Router... Now you will have a WiFi hotspot everywhere you go, and your iPod Touch will have high speed browsing thats faster than the 3G iPhone!

Prefer your hacked first generation iPhone and don't want to upgrade to the 3G iPhone? -- this same gear gives your existing iPhone 3G speeds that are faster than what the 3G iPhone will see, and in more places too!

With an EVDO USB modem and Cradlepoint PHS300 EVDO Router you will also have access to the iTunes WiFi Music store, so now you can download your favorite songs anywhere you go and not just at a local Starbucks.

Pictured above is the iPod Touch on top of the Cradlepoint PHS300 EVDO Router with the Sprint Compass 597 plugged in. The PHS300 also works with many EVDO USB modems from Verizon as well as 3G HSDPA USB modems from AT&T. For complete compatibility listings, check out

The entire setup fits nicely in the new PHS300 SoftCase too! check out this photo of PHS300, iPod Touch and the Sprint Compass 597 with its special USB cable, all tucked away inside of the softcase.

iPod Touch, PHS300, 597U in SoftCase

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