Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Verizon Updates Overage Charges On EVDO Data Plans

Customers provided 3 months with $250 cap and told to "learn how to manage their usage"

Verizon's BroadBandAccess EVDO Data plans created after March 1, 2008 were the first to be subjected to overage charges. When these overage charges were first implemented, a customer's monthly bill did NOT have a ceiling/cap, making it possible for customers to end up with insane monthly bills that they would not be able to dispute.

Effective June 22, 2008, Verizon has now changed how overage charges will affect those who exceed allotted usage per month. Full details are at this EVDOinfo article.

These changes are likely to be the result of many customers who started new lines of service after March 02, 2008, and ended up recieving crazy bills that reflected thousands of dollars in overage charges.

Nice to see that they think their original implementation of overage charges needed some updating, but these new changes really just delay the inevitable for heavy data users.

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