Friday, August 15, 2008

DNC Goes 3G With Sprint EVDO

Democratic National Convention attendees may have to worry about altitude sickness later this month, but thanks to Sprint, there's one thing they won't have to worry about: wireless coverage for all their cell phones and EVDO-enabled devices. In anticipation of the thousands upon thousands (upon thousands and thousands... you get the picture) of people that will be converging on the area, Sprint has increased their coverage everywhere from hotels, the airport, downtown Denver, the Pepsi Center, and INVESCO Field, where Obama will be giving his acceptance speech. Network engineers have installed and tested new antenna systems throughout the city and a cell-on-wheels system at INVESCO Field and Sprint's Network Operations Center will be testing their service throughout the event to make sure everyone can stay connected.

It's not just the attendees that will benefit from the extended and enhanced coverage, though. Sprint has partnered with other telecommunications providers to provide wireless coverage to the FBI-created Multi-Agency Communications Center, which will be the communications and security hub for the event.

It speaks volumes about Sprint's coverage in Denver that they have been entrusted with the uber-important responsibility of keeping everyone from the public to the government connected at such a high-profile event. Are they up to the task?