Thursday, August 14, 2008

Use Sprint PCS Mail? Not Anymore!

If you've been using Sprint/Nextel's PCS mail service for your email needs, be prepared to make a switch to one of the other providers come the new year. Sprint announced this week that they will be discontinuing their "" email service on December 31st, 2008. Their website provides no reason for the decision, but one can imagine it's most likely an attempt to cut costs in a downward-spiraling economy when Sprint is really looking to invest in the future of 4G services.

While their email service never caught on to the level of, say, Yahoo or Gmail, the folks that have been using their Sprint email addresses for years are going to feel very inconvenienced. Sprint's official website kindly offers directions on how to sign up for AOL, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail and instructions on how to import your emails and address book, but it doesn't offer any tips on getting all of your friends/family/coworkers to memorize your new address.

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