Thursday, September 18, 2008

Need a Sprint EVDO Modem and Service? How Does $0.00 Sound?

If you're in the market for EVDO service with Sprint, has an awesome deal on the popular Novatel u727 USB modem! For a limited time, you can get the u727 for FREE - you don't even need a mail-in rebate. If you were to purchase the device directly from Sprint, you'd pay $129.99 minus the $50 rebate.

This offer is ONLY available to customers that sign up for a 2-year service contract through us for Sprint. If you're already a Sprint EVDO customer and are just looking to upgrade, you have to be 22+ months into your contract to qualify for this deal. Also, please note that if you order a U727 and cancel within 30 days, the USB modem needs to be returned to 3GStore - if you keep it with no service contract you will be responsible for paying the full retail price.

This deal will only be available for a short time - so if you're in the market for Sprint service and a modem, jump on this now!

One more note: Even though the device is FREE without a rebate, you will receive a rebate form when you receive the card. There is a CHANCE that if you fill it out and send it in, Sprint MAY honor it and send you a $50 rebate - meaning you would MAKE $50 on the card. Again, we DO NOT know if they will honor it, but it only costs you the price of a stamp to find out!

Order your U727 from now