Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Sprint Change for 11/2

We've already heard that 11/2 will mark the beginning of overage charges for new customers (don't worry, existing subscribers - your punishment for going over will continue to be warnings from Sprint and potentially speed throttles) and a change to the ETF (which will also only apply to new customers, but in this case the existing customers are getting the shaft - no discounts for them!) and now there's word of another change: customers canceling within the first 30 days will now be refunded their activation fee.

In the past, if you canceled your new Sprint service, you would not be charged the ETF, but you would pay for the time that the service was active and they would keep your activation fee. Now, if you cancel within the first 30 days (and return the card or phone in good condition, of course), your ONLY charge will be for the time the service was active - you still wont have to pay any cancellation fee and the activation fee will be refunded.

This is a very nice offer from Sprint. It makes giving the service a try even more attractive, since you have less to lose!