Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sprint Compass 597 USB EVDO Modem FREE with 2 year contract

Free Sprint Compass 597 USB EVDO Rev A modem

Looking for a Sprint Rev-A USB modem on a 2 year contract? 3GStore.com is now offering the Sierra Wireless Compass 597 USB modem for FREE on a 2 year contract for a limited time. No need to wait for a mail-in rebate!

The Compass 597 is also FREE as an upgrade for any Sprint customer with an EVDO data contract that is 22 or more months into a 24month contract. You can read all about the Compass in this full review.

All of the same great 3Gstore discounts on antennas, amplifiers and routers still apply when purchasing the 597U with a contract. Customers who get their new or upgrade 2-year contract through 3Gstore will recieve $20 off any antenna, router or amplifier.

For example: the Compass 597U, Cradlepoint CTR350 Router and portable booster antenna would cost only $107.94! (after package discounts, after $25 cradlepoint mail-in rebate, plus shipping)

This special pricing will only be available for a limited time, so if you're considering creating a Sprint EVDO account, this would be a great time to do so! Place your Sprint order at the link to our Sprint Order Form below!*

Order your Compass 597 from 3GStore.com now

*Please note: When you order any EVDO device from 3Gstore and cancel service during 30 day trial period, the EVDO device needs to be returned to 3GStore, otherwise you will be responsible for paying retail price for the device if you decide to keep it.