Tuesday, December 23, 2008

CradlePoint 1.4.2 Firmware Adds Support for Verizon's BlackBerry Storm and USB760

Love your new Verizon Blackberry Storm, and wish there was a way to share all that Rev-A speed with multiple computers? 3Gstore.com has the solution: the Cradlepoint MBR1000 and/or CTR500

Thanks to the release of Firmware 1.4.2 the BlackBerry Storm and the USB760 (Verizon's newest USB EVDO modem) are now officially supported by the flagship MBR1000 and uber-portable CTR500 routers.

Verizon USB760 USB EVDO Rev-A modem and the portable Cradlepoint CTR500Verizon USB760 EVDO Rev-A modem & the portable Cradlepoint CTR500

In addition to new device support, a key new feature was enabled that make Cradlepoint's MBR1000 and CTR500 the ONLY cellular 3G routers to enable OpenDNS server functionality while using a device for the Sprint EVDO network.

Other Japanese market devices and additional information can be found in the official Cradlepoint release notes PDF for firmware 1.4.2

For those ordering the CTR500 or MBR1000 from 3Gstore.com, starting 12/23/2008, we will automatically include a CD that has the latest firmware.

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