Tuesday, December 29, 2009

3Gstore's Best Sellers (and Staff Favorites!) for 2009

Of course the famous Booster Antenna made the list - click here to see where it ranked!

2009 has been quite a year for EVDOinfo and 3Gstore - we added several new products to our lineup (battery packs for routers, the uber-popular MiFi, the Cradlepoint MBR1200, Wilson's SignalBoost DB Pro repeater kit, and the versatile Pepwave Surf Mini, just to name a few!), started the popular Tip of the Week series, added some great new resources for customers like our "Which Antenna is Best for Me?" guide and our handy antenna jack locator, ran some very fun contests and giveaways, and celebrated a landmark with our 60,000th order. Thanks to you, our loyal customers, 3Gstore was able to make 2009 our best year ever!

Check out our list of the 2009 best sellers - as well as a few bonus "staff favorite" picks - at 3Gstore.com/2009

Cradlepoints for Clunkers: Trade Your Old Router for an MBR1200!

Our first round of "Cradlepoints for Clunkers" was so successful, we're bringing it back - and expanding it to include even MORE "clunkers"!

3Gstore Clunkers
just a few of the Clunkers 3Gstore customers exchanged for brand new Cradlepoint MBR1200's in November
If you purchased your Kyocera KR1 or KR2, Top Global MB8000/MB6800/6000, or Linksys WRT54G3G-ST or WRT54G3GV2-ST router from 3Gstore, you can trade it in for credit towards a brand new Cradlepoint MBR1200! MSRP on the MBR1200 is $299.99, with your trade-in you can purchase it for $149.99 or $199.99!

Who: Anyone who purchased a Kyocera KR1/KR2, Top Global MB8000/MB6800/MB6000, or Linksys WRT54G3G/WRT54G3GV2-ST router from 3Gstore

What: Trade in your clunker and purchase a brand new Cradlepoint MBR1200 at a discounted price

Where: 3Gstore.com/clunkers

When: All trade-in requests must be processed by January 31, 2010, and all clunkers will need to be received by 3Gstore by February 8, 2010.

Why: Because the Cradlepoint MBR1200 is an excellent router, and 3Gstore wants to help our customers upgrade to the best technology!

For full details on this promotion, visit 3Gstore.com/clunkers

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cradlepoint CBA750 ships on 12/28/09

The Cradlepoint CBA750 is a follow-up product to Cradlepoint's first "broadband adapter", the CBA250.

The CBA750 looks to share the same case as the MBR1200 but features three usb ports, a single expresscard/34 slot, and NO WIFI (its not meant to be a "router" really.)

Like the CBA250, the primary purpose of the CBA750 is to convert mobile broadband to ethernet accessible IP, complete with "Public IP pass through".

The CBA750 can switch from a "configuration mode" which allows for management via web browser admin, or "IP Pass Through" mode where the unit bi-directionally converts from mobile broadband to ethernet, an ethernet to mobile broadband.

We have a preliminary writeup on EVDOinfo.com and are planning a full review after it ships on December 28, 2009

You can order the CBA750 at http://3gstore.com/
and discuss the CBA750 on EVDOforums.com

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

CradlePoint MBR1000/CBA250 1.6.7 Firmware Adds Support for Telus 306

Cradlepoint has recently released Firmware Version 1.6.7 that enables official device support for the Telus/Sierra Wireless USB 306 3G+/HSPA modem. For a complete list of supported devices, check out http://www.EVDOinfo.com/routers

In addition to providing support for the Telus 306, firmware 1.6.7 improves 4G device reconnection speeds and various other fixes -- additional information can be found in the official Cradlepoint release notes PDF for firmware 1.6.7

For those ordering the an MBR1000 from 3Gstore.com, starting 12/23/09, we will automatically include a CD that has the latest firmware. You can also order your MBR1000 with latest firmware already installed and tested.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Congratulations to our iPod Touch Giveaway Winner!

3Gstore iPod Touch giveaway
To celebrate this holiday season, 3Gstore.com decided to offer a special giveaway for the month of November: everyone who purchased from our store online or over the phone between November 1st, 2009 and November 30th, 2009 was automatically entered to win a free 64GB iPod Touch. We have randomly selected the winner from all of the orders placed last month and congratulations are in order for Richard D. from British Columbia, Canada!!!!

Read the full announcement on EVDOinfo.com

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Speedy Shipping & Communication Just Another Bonus of Shopping with 3Gstore!

Recently one of 3Gstore's staff members had a decidedly un-pleasant shipping experience with a popular online retailer. Trying to plan ahead for her holiday shopping, she placed her order a month before Christmas and selected "standard" shipping, assuming that since the item was in stock and the company is located within the continental US, it would get delivered in plenty of time for the holidays.

19 days later, the staff member had not received her order - or even a tracking number. She attempted to contact the company, but the retailer's website did not have a phone number she could call; the only contact method offered was email. After writing an email and receiving no response, she did a Google search in hopes of finding a phone number to call - but the number she found went directly to voicemail in every department she called. She left numerous voicemails and emails and received no response. After three weeks, she still had not received a response (much less her order), but did see that her credit card had been refunded by the company. While she was happy to at least get her money back, the total lack of communication or explanation (and the fact that she didn't ever get the item she wanted!) was an eye-opener.

It is important to remember that there is more to a company than the prices of their products, and a company's shipping policies can make a big difference in an online purchase. When you purchase from 3Gstore, you can count on:
  • Shipping options - when you place your order, you'll be able to select the FedEx shipping option of your choice. Our shopping cart even displays the estimated transit time for each option, so you can take that into account when you select your shipping method.
  • Timely shipping - orders placed for in-stock items by 3pm CST Mon-Fri ship the same day; orders placed after 3pm will ship the following business day.
  • Tracking info - you will automatically be emailed a FedEx tracking number as soon as your order ships so that you can track its progress
  • Communication - Getting in touch with 3Gstore is easy. We ALWAYS answer phones and livechat requests from 9am-7pm CST, Monday thru Friday, and we answer emails during and after business hours.
Of course, 3Gstore's excellent shipping system is just one of the benefits to shopping with us! We offer superior customer service that includes pre-sales support as well as free tech support from our mobile broadband experts who know this technology inside and out. While some websites may save you a little money, we feel our level of customer service and support more than makes up for the difference. We explain much more here: http://3gstore.com/why

It is not too late to get a 3Gstore item (and all the service that comes along with it) delivered in time for the holidays! Even super-procrastinators can breathe easy - orders placed by 3pm CST on December 23rd will be delivered on the 24th (as long as you select overnight shipping).

Happy holidays - and happy shipping - from 3Gstore!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

3Gstore Celebrates Order #60000!

3gstore logo

It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating order #50000, but we have reached another exciting landmark at 3Gstore - order number 60,000! Congratulations and a big 3Gstore thank you are in order for Richard B of Boise, Idaho, who placed 3Gstore/EVDOinfo's 60,000th order last night! As a thank you, we will be fulfilling Richard's order for the Cradlepoint MBR1000 (very fitting as that is one of our most popular items) he ordered for free!

Click here to read the full announcement on EVDOinfo.com

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Verizon provides EVDO customers WiFi access, a way around 5gb overage charges?

Verizon Wireless announced today that customers of their Mobile Broadband EVDO service will now have access to a large WiFi network, allowing them internet access that does not count against their monthly 5GB usage and does not accrue any overage charges.

More info in the official press release.

Discuss this topic on EVDOforums.com

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sprint MiFi from 3Gstore: FREE after $50 Mail-In Rebate w/ 2-Yr Contract!

sprint mifi

For a limited time, the Sprint MiFi is at its lowest price ever at 3Gstore! When you sign up for a new 2-year Sprint contract, you'll pay just $49.99, AND you'll receive a $50 mail-in rebate - meaning you the Sprint MiFi is FREE.

And don't forget about all the other benefits to buying your MiFi from 3Gstore: an exclusive tipsheet to help you get up and running, access to our acclaimed tech support, and discounts on routers and signal-boosting equipment.

Click here to order the Sprint MiFi w/ New 2-Year Contract from 3Gstore

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go - Are You Getting What you Paid For?

Ever since 3Gstore began offering a Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Broadband option, we have received many questions about how the option we are promoting compares to the more well-known Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go service sold at locations like Best Buy. Both allow users to use mobile broadband on Sprint's nationwide 3G network on a pay-as-you go basis, with no contracts or deposits, but that doesn't mean they are equal. In addition to the fact that the option offered by 3Gstore is more affordable and requires far less personal information to use (Virgin Mobile requires you to give your full name along with address, birthday, and telephone number just to activate the service - seems like excessive amounts of information for a Pre-Paid service...), we found that in our tests Virgin Mobile was miscalculating data usage - meaning you may not be getting to USE all of the data you are paying for!

After activating a new Virgin Mobile Novatel Wireless Ovation MC760 with a 100MB pre-paid service "card", 3Gstore's technical support manager decided to do a quick test to see how Virgin calculated data usage. To make sure the test was "pure", our tester first made certain that automatic updates on his computer were turned OFF and that a firewall blocking all outbound requests except for google.com was enabled, so that the ONLY data used in his test would be from accessing google.com. He connected the modem and pulled up Google.com (62.8kb on this day), then immediately disconnected the modem and removed it from the computer's USB port, and then checked his account balance (using a different internet connection). Now, everyone knows that without the modem plugged in and connected, there is no possible way that any additional data can be transferred on the account in question, so one would assume that his account balance should still show him having 100MB (or maybe 99MB - 62.8kb is far less than one full MB, but rounding down to the next MB would not have been a big surprise). Shockingly, when our tester checked the Virgin Mobile Website, the account showed he had just 82.11 MB remaining in the account!

How is it humanly possible to use almost 18 MB of data by simply pulling up Google.com??? It's not, of course, which means that Virgin's calculations were way, way off. It appears that upon the initial connection, Virgin Mobile removed close to 18MB of data from a freshly activated account. Virgin charges $10 for 100 MB of usage, which translates to roughly 10 cents per MB. If you have almost 18MB removed from your account in the first seconds of usage, that would mean Virgin Mobile just robbed of $1.80.

To challenge this obvious inaccuracy, we placed a call to Customer Care for Virgin Mobile. They argued that there was nothing that they could do as far as refunding our tester, insisting that the websites he visited must have resulted in the 18MB of usage. They also proposed that perhaps our tester's computer may have had automatic updates turned on and that is how his data was used up in a blink of an eye... but, as mentioned above, our tester had taken precautions to ensure that there was absolutely no data being transferred while he was connected with his Virgin modem other than the google.com website being pulled up. The call ended with no resolution or restitution offered - meaning our tester effectively paid $1.80 for a 2-second visit to google.com and a lengthy call with Customer Care.

In our opinion, a carrier mis-calculating the amount of data you've used is a deal-breaker. If you paid for a 900-minutes per month voice plan and were only allowed to use 800 of them, that would be unacceptable - and so is seeing nearly 18% of the data you paid for disappear for no reason. One of the many reasons 3Gstore has chosen to sell and support the particular Pay-As-You-Go service that we offer is because the data is calculated accurately and fairly. To read more about our Pay-As-You-Go option, visit 3Gstore.com/prepaid.

Read more about Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Broadband from 3Gstore

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Purchase an MBR1000 from 3Gstore in December AND receive a FREE CTR350!*

Free CTR350 w/ MBR1000 promo

If you missed out on 3Gstore's Black Friday deals, we've got great news for you: Cradlepoint has extended their incredible MBR1000 promotion through the month of December! Customers who purchase the MBR1000 from 3Gstore between 12/02/09 and 12/31/09 can receive a FREE Cradlepoint CTR350 travel router from Cradlepoint! If that wasn't a great enough deal, 3Gstore also has the MBR1000 at one of our lowest prices ever - just $189.99 (MSRP is $249.99). And don't forget about the amazing technical support and exclusive support CD you'll also receive (for free!) when you purchase from 3Gstore!

How it works: Place your order for the MBR1000 online at 3Gstore.com or over the phone (866-3GSTORE) by 11:59pm CST on 12/31/2009. Once you receive your MBR1000, simply mail in the included rebate form and Cradlepoint will send you a FREE CTR350 - it's as simple as that! *Free CTR350 is provided by Cradlepoint (customer must send in rebate form by 1/15/10 after receiving MBR1000). click here for more details

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3Gstore now sells/supports the Pepwave Surf Mini WiFi bridge

3Gstore.com's newest product is the Pepwave Surf Mini, a versatile WiFi Bridge that allows users to connect to a WiFi source and either repeat/relay/extend that connectivity wirelessly, or convert from wireless to wired access via ethernet port.

We've added this product primarily to serve our RV customers who are looking for a way to add "WiFi as WAN" input to their Cradlepoint routers like the MBR1000. Watch this video to learn more:

For more information, check out our complete hands-on review of the Surf Mini at:

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Palm Pixi Now Available @ 3Gstore - Just $49.99 after Rebate w/ Contract!

The Palm Pixi is officially launching on Sprint on Sunday, and it is now available at 3Gstore.com. The sleek Pixi has been likened to a "little brother" of the Pre, as it offers many similar features (including Palm's WebOS), but the Pixi is smaller, more affordable, and utilizes the "centro"-style design, with a touch screen on top and a full QWERTY right below. It's a fun phone and super easy to use - but unfortunately, like the Pre, NO TETHERING SUPPORT!

You can read the full specs and order here:

Palm Pixi w/ 2-yr Sprint contract, $49.99 after rebate

Palm Pixi WITHOUT contract, $379.99

Discuss the Palm Pixi on the EVDO Forums

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hands on Cradlepoint MBR900 Router Review

Cradlepoint's newest cellular router is the MBR900, capable of sharing mobile broadband from one 3G or 4G USB modem across four ethernet ports or over WiFi N wireless at distances up to 200 feet away from the router.

Our complete hands on review is now posted online at

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Order at 3Gstore.com in November and You'll Automatically be Entered to Win a 64GB iPod Touch!

Win a 64GB iPod Touch from 3Gstore!

3Gstore is giving away a brand new 64GB Apple iPod Touch to one lucky customer who makes a purchase in the month of November. EVERY order placed at 3Gstore.com (or over the phone) will be automatically entered in our drawing, and the winner will be shipped a FREE brand new 64GB iPod Touch just in time for the holidays!

Each 3Gstore order placed between 11/1/09 and 11/30/09 counts as ONE entry (multiple orders DO increase your chances of winning!); if you RETURN your order it will no longer count as an entry. The winner will be selected at random on 12/21 and will receive his/her prize on 12/22.

Click to view the full details/rules/restrictions

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pay-As-You-Go (NO CONTRACT) Mobile Broadband Now Available from 3Gstore

If you've been considering mobile broadband but were turned off by the prospect of a 2-year contract or felt you didn't need 5GB per month, 3Gstore has a solution for you: Pay-As-You-Go 3G Mobile Broadband!

How it Works: Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Broadband from 3Gstore is extremely easy to use - it works just like a pre-paid cell phone, but with data instead of voice minutes. You simply purchase the aircard and then purchase pre-paid service as you need it (in 1GB or 250MB increments; you can re-load anytime online or by calling a toll-free number). Once you activate your pre-paid service, you can use your aircard just like you would if you had a contract with a service provider - you can use the aircard right in your computer or even use it with a router to share the connection with multiple computers! To make things as easy as possible for our customers, 3Gstore includes a helpful tipsheet and a CD with the latest versions of the Sprint connection manager software (for both Mac and Windows computers, including Mac 10.3 - 10.6x and Windows XP, Vista and Win7) when you purchase your modem.

How Much Does it Cost? The Sierra Wireless 598U modem is $79.99, and that is a one-time cost - you OWN the modem. There are two options for the pre-paid service:
Benefits of Using Pay-As-You Go Mobile Broadband from 3Gstore:
  • NO contracts
  • NO credit check
  • NO deposits
  • NO daily or monthly fees
  • NO expiration date on the pre-paid service cards (once you activate the service, you must use it within 8 days [for the 250MB] or 30 days [for the 1GB], but until you activate it, it will never expire!)
  • Nationwide EVDO coverage on Sprint's network - check your Sprint coverage here: 3Gstore.com/coverage
  • The 598U aircard is compatible with a wide variety of mobile broadband routers - share your connection with multiple computers/devices!
  • The 598U aircard features an antenna port where you can connect an external antenna to improve your signal
  • Reload by calling a toll free number (7am - 1am).
Who Should Use Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Broadband? Pre-paid mobile broadband can be a great option for many users. Here are just a few situations where Pay-As-You-Go mobile broadband is a perfect solution:
  • Occasional travelers - if you have cable or DSL at home and only need mobile broadband occasionally, now you can stay connected while on the road and not have to pay for the service while you're at home!
  • Business trips, conferences, trade shows
  • Backup in case your primary internet connection goes down
  • Temporary/short-term internet access
  • RV-ers who use campground WiFi - when campground WiFi is unavailable or unreliable, you'll have a backup ready
  • Canadian travelers who want to stay connected on their trips to the US
  • Folks who tried to sign up for a contract with a service provider but were told they needed to pay a hefty deposit due to poor or no credit
  • Anyone wanting to avoid signing a contract or going through a credit check

To purchase Pay-As-You-Go modems and service from 3Gstore, visit 3Gstore.com/prepaid

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Monday, November 02, 2009

BIG SALE on Cradlepoint MBR1000 & CTR350 at 3Gstore!

If you've been considering purchasing a router to share your mobile broadband connection with multiple computers/devices, now is the time! Being a CradlePoint Premier Partner, 3Gstore.com was able to get a special discount on our last larger order and we are passing on the savings to you! For a limited time, 3Gstore is offering huge savings on two of the most popular Cradlepoint routers:

MBR1000 (3G & 4G, load balancing, supports USB & ExpressCard modems, 4 ethernet ports, Wireless "N", ideal for home/small office): MSRP $249.99, 3Gstore sale price $189.99

CTR350 (3G only, supports USB modems, one ethernet port, Wireless "G", great for traveling): MSRP $149.99, 3Gstore sale price $89.99

This special pricing will not last - so don't delay!

3Gstore's Cradlepoint for Clunkers Trade-Up Program

This promotion ended on 11/30/2009. Thank you to all who participated for making it a success! If you are looking for a Cradlepoint router, 3Gstore always has competitive pricing and offers the best technical support around - you can view the Cradlepoit routers at 3Gstore.com/cradlepoint

3Gstore's Cradlepoint for Clunkers Trade-Up Program
If you purchased your Kyocera KR1, Top Global MB8000, Top Global MB6800, Top Global MB6000, or Linksys WRT54G3G-ST router from 3Gstore.com (aka booster-antenna.com), you can trade in that "clunker" and get the amazing Cradlepoint MBR1200 for as low as $149.99! (MSRP is $299.99)

Conditions apply, full details are at: http://www.EVDOinfo.com/clunkers

Monday, October 26, 2009

Palm Pixi

The Palm Pixi was announced today from Sprint. It will be available on a 2 year contract for $99.99 (after rebates). The Palm Pixi is a thinner/less expensive version of the Palm Pre. For more information on the Palm Pixi, see the following links:

We expect the Palm Pixi to be one of the biggest sellers this Christmas season. If you are interested in getting an email when the Palm Pixi is available, send an email to pixi@3gstore.com

Monday, October 19, 2009

Site to Site VPN For MBR1200 - We Got A Tip Sheet For That

3Gstore.com has just published another of their helpful tipsheets. This latest tipsheet will be an incredibly useful tool for those who have recently purchased CradlePoint's newest router, the MBR1200. The MBR1200 has a unique ability among CradlePoint's routers, the ability to create a Site to Site VPN connection, to link two networks together. The application sounds simple enough, but for anyone who is not a networking guru, setup can be less than friendly. 3Gstore realizes this and has put together a Tipsheet on the exact steps to follow to initiate the connection. To receive your copy of the tipsheet, send an email to support@3gstore.com along with your invoice number for your MBR1200 that was purchased from 3Gstore.com and we will be happy to email it to you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The dog ate my Cradlepoint!

Just when you lost hope, there are no honest and trustworthy people out there. Well, 3gstore has a story for you. The other day we received a call from a teacher that had ordered a cradlepoint mbr1000 router. One of 3gstore’s best selling items. Now this teacher has heard her share of excuses... For example, "burglars stole my report at gun point" or “my dog ate my homework.” This teacher had no idea what she was going to experience for herself, when she simply placed an on-line order from 3GStore.com.

Upon arriving home, our customer noticed several pieces of packaging on her front lawn. She continued to proceed to the back door where she found more evidence of a package by 3Gstore.

Well, similar to her students when our customer contacted us, she uttered the following words, “Ummmmm, your never going to believe this but ….I think a dog ate my CradlePoint!”

You see, Lucky next door decided to tear into a brand new MBR1000 router. He must have mistaken it for a juicy T-Bone Steak. 3Gstore technicians feel it is more in a class of a filet Mignon, but Lucky didn’t care!

Mmmmm…….. plastic antennas and an AC power adapter, Mmmmmm I just love getting myself tangled up in these wires.

We were very upset to hear this story, so we first called Fedex. They wouldn’t let us file a claim, so we decided to call our friends at Cradlepoint. Did you know were Platinum Partners?

They hear the story and offer to send the customer a FREE router. There are two morals of this story, one, there are good people out there and two, when in hostile environments ask for signature required!

Looking to buy a CradlePoint MBR1000? See 3Gstore's Weekend Sale.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WiPipe Central

Secure, Manage & Maintain the Edge of the 3G/4G Network with WiPipe Central

WiPipe Central Logo

If you have more than a few CradlePoint routers within your organization, WiPipe Central is an essential tool for managing the devices remotely.

Whether your routers are deployed in distant locations, used for digital signage installations, or just simply traveling with your field sales team, CradlePoint makes it easy to keep in touch with the edge your 3G/4G Network.

Without installing any additional software, CradlePoint products can be monitored and configured easily. WiPipe Central allows you to keep tabs on managed devices, find out their on-line / off-line status, and configure settings.

Updating firmware to a large number of routers has never been easier. WiPipe Central allows you to group and sort your routers, updating firmware on all connected devices with a few clicks. And, if devices are not connected, they are updated the next time they are on-line. As a centralized and secure tool, WiPipe Central complements other management platforms you may use already. Find out how WiPipe Central can help you.

WiPipe Central

For the latest info and screen shots visit: WiPipe Central on EVDOinfo.com

Monday, October 05, 2009

3Gstore Contest: Enter to Win a Wilson Repeater Kit!

wilson signalboost dtwilson signalboost mobilepro
Wilson's SignalBoost DT (left) is perfect for home and office use, and the MobilePro (right) is great for travelers!

In partnership with Wilson Electronics, one of the leading manufacturers of signal boosting antennas, amplifiers, and repeaters, 3Gstore is giving away two complete wireless repeater kits! Wilson's SignalBoost DT and SignalBoost MobilePro are two of the most popular all-in-one repeater kits, and YOU can score one of them absolutely free by entering 3Gstore's contest.

Who: Any mobile broadband or cell phone/PDA user over 18 living within the US is eligible to enter and win, with the exception of 3Gstore and Wilson Electronics employees.

What: One winner will be selected by 3Gstore to receive a free SignalBoost DT, and a second winner will be selected by 3Gstore to receive a free SignalBoost MobilePro.

Where: Email your submission to contest@3gstore (multiple submissions will NOT increase your chance of winning and may result in disqualification). The email must explain which of the two products you hope to win and WHY, which cellular devices you will use it with, your full name, address, email address, and phone number (your personal information will be kept confidential).

When: The contest begins NOW and will end at midnight CST on October 23, 2009. The winner will be announced by October 30.

Why: Because these are excellent products that allow cellular users to get the most out of their service!

More details: Visit http://3gstore.com/contest for full details. If you have any questions about the contest, call 3Gstore at 866-3GSTORE or email us at contest@3gstore.com.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Cradlepoint MBR1200 Review on EVDOinfo

Cradlepoint's latest edition to their lineup of 3G/4G mobile broadband routers, the MBR1200, is now available from 3Gstore, and the review is live at EVDOinfo!

The MBR1200 features five ports for cellular modems (three USB, one ExpressCard slot, and one PCMCIA card slot), more than any other Cradlepoint router, and also features wireless "N" for a wide WiFi range, great VPN functionality, and a built-in four-port ethernet switch that offers not just 10/100 speeds, but also 1000mbp/s LAN connectivity (a.k.a. "gigabit ethernet"). It is arguably the MOST versatile a 3G/4G cellular router on the market today!

Monday, September 28, 2009

MBR1200 by CradlePoint

CradlePoint MBR1200 Shipping This Week!

The CradlePoint MBR1200 will be shipping from 3Gstore.com later this week (first retailer to offer the MBR1200). The MBR1200 has a MSRP of $299.99. The MBR1200 offers business users the following:
  • Multiple IPSec VPN Sessions
  • PCMCIA Support (anyone still use these?)
  • Gigabit
  • Wireless N
  • 3G/4G Failover
For more info on the MBR1200, see the following links:

Images of the MBR1200 and the MBR1200 Security Enclosure and the MBR1200 External WiFi Antennas

Friday, September 25, 2009

FREE Booster Antenna w/ Sprint 598U + EVDO Service

For a limited time, receive a FREE Booster Antenna ($57.95 value) when you purchase a Sprint 598U with 2-year service from 3Gstore.com!

With a new 2-year Sprint Mobile Broadband contract, the 598U is just $29.99 from 3Gstore, plus you'll also receive a $50 mail-in rebate from Sprint - meaning you MAKE $20! If you place your order for the Sprint 598U with 2-year contract with 3Gstore through October 31, 2009, we'll also send you a FREE Booster Antenna for the 598U - a $57.95 value!

Monday, September 21, 2009

FCC Chairman wants wireless net neutrality

In a major address given this morning, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski presented the case for net neutrality... here's an excerpt of the speech he gave:
This is not about government regulation of the Internet. It’s about fair rules of the road for companies that control access to the Internet. We will do as much as we need to do, and no more, to ensure that the Internet remains an unfettered platform for competition, creativity, and entrepreneurial activity.

This is not about protecting the Internet against imaginary dangers. We’re seeing the breaks and cracks emerge, and they threaten to change the Internet’s fundamental architecture of openness. This would shrink opportunities for innovators, content creators, and small businesses around the country, and limit the full and free expression the Internet promises. This is about preserving and maintaining something profoundly successful and ensuring that it’s not distorted or undermined. If we wait too long to preserve a free and open Internet, it will be too late.

Some will seek to invoke innovation and investment as reasons not to adopt open Internet rules. But history’s lesson is clear: Ensuring a robust and open Internet is the best thing we can do to promote investment and innovation. And while there are some who see every policy decision as either pro-business or pro-consumer, I reject that approach; it’s not the right way to see technology’s role in America.

An open Internet will benefit both consumers and businesses. The principles that will protect the open Internet are an essential step to maximize investment and innovation in the network and on the edge of it -- by establishing rules of the road that incentivize competition, empower entrepreneurs, and grow the economic pie to the benefit of all.
Read the entire speech here, or watch the video here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sierra 598U w/ GPS for VERIZON now available from 3Gstore

You may have heard of the Sierra Wireless USB 598 EVDO device for Sprint's network, but now it is available for use on the Verizon Wireless network from 3Gstore.com!

What makes the USB 598 (598U) for Verizon from 3Gstore so special?

  • The USB 598 is the first & only EVDO device available for Verizon that supports GPS
  • It is the first EVDO device that supports SMS text messaging on Mac computers
  • First 3G Device to have native Windows 7 support
  • Full Mac OS X Support (Leopard, Snow Leopard)
  • 3Gstore.com support included
  • Compatible with CradlePoint Routers (including GPS Tracking support within the router admin)
The USB 598 for Verizon is available from 3Gstore for $229.99 with NO contract, making it a great device for existing customers to upgrade to. If you need to sign up for service as well, activation credits are available - contact 3Gstore for more information.

Click to read our full review of the
Sierra Wireless USB 598 for Verizon

Discuss the 598U for Verizon on the EVDO Forums

Monday, September 14, 2009

Verizon Rep Says Routers Use More Data - Not True!!

Sales and customer service representatives for carriers like Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T are typically quite knowledgeable about phones and PDAs, but when it comes to mobile broadband, the reps are often under-informed at best and clueless at worst. Inquiring about mobile broadband in a carrier's store can product some scary results - we've heard carrier reps say some wacky and downright untrue things about mobile broadband!

One of our customers called us inquiring about 3G routers, concerned that using their aircard in a router would use up their 5GB faster than using it directly in a computer. A Verizon rep had "cautioned" the customer against using a router, telling him that having his aircard in a router would eat up his 5GB allowance quickly, no matter what the computers connected to the router were doing.

That is NOT true. Routers do NOT "use up" data themselves. All a router does is accept the internet connection from the aircard and then allow you to share it with multiple computers or WiFi devices. The only time you actually USE data is when the devices CONNECTING to the router (your laptops, TiVO, Playstation, XBox, etc) are using data. If the aircard is plugged into the router but all the computers/devices connected to the router are off or dormant, no data is being used. Of course, when you are sharing the connection with multiple devices/computers you may hit your 5GB limit faster then if you were only using computer, but that is not because of the router (remember that you can always check how much data you're using online - click here to find out how).

This obviously begs the question: why would a Verizon rep say such a thing? Shouldn't they know how their own products and services work? There are a couple reasons why a rep might not give you accurate information about mobile broadband and routers:
  • They are not familiar with mobile broadband. Unfortunately, many carrier employees are simply under-trained when it comes to mobile broadband, or don't understand the technology. Many reps have truly never heard of an antenna or router for mobile broadband devices.
  • Alternatively, some reps DO understand the technology but would rather you purchase another card and service than share one card in a router. After all, Verizon associates' main goal is to get new sales.
The moral of this story is that when it comes to mobile broadband, employees and representatives for the carriers themselves are largely uninformed or may give inaccurate information just to make a sale. That's why 3Gstore has such a great reputation - we live and breathe mobile broadband and customer service is our number # priority, NOT making sales. Just like doctors advise folks to go to a site that is endorsed by doctors when doing research about their health online, the same goes for taking advice on mobile broadband products: go straight to the experts, don't rely on carrier reps whose specialty is cell phones and not mobile broadband!

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sprint adds new "Any Mobile, Anytime" Feature for "Everything Data" Plans

If you're subscribed Sprint's "Everything Data" plan, Sprint has some good news for you: with their new "Any Mobile, Anytime" addition, you can now call ANY mobile number on ANY carrier in the US without using your minute allowance! The "Everything Data" plan has always been popular, as it includes a minute allowance and unlimited messaging and data use on your phone, but the plan is even more of a bargain now that calling any mobile number on any US carrier will not use your minutes.

The "Everything Data" plan is available for individual and family lines. Individual subscribers can opt for 450 minutes for $69.99/mo or 900 minutes for $89.99/mo; for family plans, users can share 1500 minutes for $129.99/mo or 3000 minutes for $169.99/mo (for two lines - additional lines will add $19.99/mo).

If you're already subscribed the the Everything Data plan, you don't have to do anything to take advantage of this new feature. If you'd like to sign up for Sprint service or upgrade your existing phone, you can order securely from 3Gstore.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Sprint/Verizon EVDO compatibility

For over four years now, 3Gstore.com/EVDOinfo.com has been the home of the Mac+EVDO Experts and in that time we've been helping our brethren in the Mac community to get the most out of their mobile broadband.

Our latest article takes an in-depth look at what Sprint and Verizon Wireless EVDO devices are supported by Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) built-in WWAN support.

Any Mac user interested in EVDO from Sprint or Verizon Wireless should read up on what works and what doesn't. Check it out at:

Friday, September 04, 2009

Verizon Wireless global UMW190 EVDO/HSPA Modem

Yet another 'Global' solution: Verizon Wireless UMW190 USB Modem

Global USB Modem Dual-Band CDMA/Tri-Band UMTS/HSPA and Quad-Band GSM Modem Delivers Fast Global Wireless Internet Connectivity

The new Verizon Wireless UMW190 offers high-speed Internet connectivity around the world through a combination of Dual-Band CDMA Revision A (Rev. A), Tri-Band UMTS/HSPA and Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE capabilities. Paired with Verizon Wireless’ easy-to-use VZAccess Manager software, the UMW190 offers simple “plug and play” installation and configuration.

Color/design: Stylish and compact black design with sliding cover

Key features:

* Dual-Band CDMA Rev. A; Tri-Band (850/1900/2100 MHz UMTS/HSPA) and Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE (900/1800, 850/1900)
* Pre-installed SIM card
* Convenient USB connection
* Compatible with Windows 2000, XP and Vista
* VZAccess Manager software
* Visual status indicator
* Built-in text messaging, an added communication option
* USB modem extension cable

3Gstore.com already has high gain UMW190 Booster antennas

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Monday, August 31, 2009

Enter to Win a FREE MBR1000 + MP3450i!

In partnership with Tekkeon and Cradlepoint, 3Gstore is giving away an ultimate portable solution to one lucky mobile broadband user: a Cradlepoint MBR1000 3G router and Tekkeon MP3450i battery pack!
Cradlepoint MBR1000 and Tekkeon MP3450i
The MP350i can power an MBR1000 for up to 12 hours!

Who: Any mobile broadband user over 18 living within the US is eligible to enter and win, with the exception of 3Gstore, Cradlepoint, and Tekkeon employees.

What: One winner will be selected by 3Gstore to receive a free MBR1000 and MP3450i.

Where: Email your submission to contest@3gstore (multiple submissions will NOT increase your chance of winning and may result in disqualification). The email must explain why YOU want these products and what you would do with them, your full name, address, email address, and phone number (your personal information will be kept confidential).

When: The contest begins NOW and will end at midnight CST on September 18, 2009. The winner will be announced by September 25.

Why: Because these are excellent products that allow mobile broadband users to get the most out of their service!

More details: Visit http://3gstore.com/contest for full details. If you have any questions about the contest, call 3Gstore at 866-3GSTORE or email us at contest@3gstore.com.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tethering AT&T Phones - As Fast as an Aircard?

We have been asked for several years if using a phone for tethering (aka "phone as modem") is as fast as using an aircard. In the case of Sprint and Verizon phones, the answer is pretty easy - if the phone is "EVDO Rev-A" capable, it can provide comparable performance as a USB/ExpressCard/PCMCIA modem (Sprint/Verizon EVDO Rev-0 phones won't be able to connect at the highest possible speeds, however).

Now that 3Gstore has recently started offering AT&T phones, many of which are tether-capable, this question has come up again. AT&T uses a different technology for their 3G network, so the "Rev-A vs Rev-0" factor that makes picking a Sprint/Verizon phone for tethering so easy is not applicable.

AT&T refers to their mobile broadband network simply as "3G", but not all AT&T devices that are labeled "3G" are capable of the same speeds! Let's take a look at a few definitions of terms associated with AT&T 3G that will help us better understand why some devices will be better choices than others:
  • EDGE: This is AT&T's 2G network (like Verizon/Sprint's "National Access"). AT&T has very widespread EDGE coverage, nearly as good as their voice coverage, but it is NOT 3G - upload and download speeds on the EDGE network average about 50Kbps - 100Kbps, just slightly faster than a standard 56K dial-up connection. If your AT&T phone is ONLY capable of connecting to the EDGE network, your tethering connection will be very, very slow (even if you are in an area where AT&T does have true 3G coverage, your phone won't be able to connect to it).
  • HSPA: HSPA is the technology used by AT&T for their 3G network. HSPA users theoretically can see average download speeds of 700-1700kbps and 500-1200kbps upload.... but there are two distinct types of HSPA:
    • HSDPA: The "D" stands for "download" and indicates that high-speed DOWNLOADS are possible, but UPLOAD speeds will be more like what you'd see on EDGE - even in a 3G area. If your device is HSDPA, you will never be able to take advantage of high-speed uploads.
    • HSUPA: The "U" stands for "upload" and indicates that high-speed uploads are possible. The best AT&T 3G devices are HSDPA/HSUPA, meaning they are capable of high-speed downloads AND uploads.
Obviously, to take advantage of the highest possible speeds from AT&T, users will want an "HSDPA/HSUPA" device. Unfortunately, AT&T doesn't make it easy to find a device with these capabilities - just because the 3G logo appears with a device on AT&T's site doesn't mean all 3G devices are created equal, and AT&T doesn't consistently label which technology each phone or aircard uses! In order to determine what your phone or aircard is capable of, you may have to do some digging (the manufacturer's website is a good place to start).

So can an AT&T phone be as fast as an AT&T aircard? Unlike Sprint and Verizon, who both offer a variety of phones that are capable of offering the same performance as an aircard, AT&T does not currently offer ANY phones that use both HSDPA and HSUPA. They DO offer some phones that are HSDPA, meaning they are capable of high-speed downloads, but NONE of their current lineup of phones uses HSUPA. If you are in the market for a tether-capable AT&T phone, you'll want to make sure you select one that uses HSDPA (avoid the EDGE-only phones, unless dial-up speeds are good enough for you) - but do not expect it to offer identical performance as an HSDPA/HSUPA aircard like the USB Mercury.

Of course, before diving into an AT&T contract for data (either for an aircard or if you plan on tethering), make sure you check your coverage - remember that while AT&T has good nationwide voice and EDGE coverage, their 3G coverage is limited mainly to metropolitan areas.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Verizon Wireless announces Global USB AD3700 Modem

Verizon Wireless' Unique Swivel AD3700 Global USB Modem Provides
High-Speed Mobile Broadband For Access Around The World

Verizon Wireless and ZTE USA introduce the AD3700, a Mobile Broadband USB modem with global connectivity. The consumer-friendly AD3700 gives customers access to high-speed networks in more than 175 destinations including Evolution-Data Optimized (EV-DO), Global System for Mobile communications (GSM)/General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)/Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution (EDGE) and High Speed Packet Access (HSPA)/Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) wireless platforms.

Key features:

  • Runs on Verizon Wireless' high-speed network, which uses EV-DO Revision A (Rev. A) technology
  • Includes VZAccess Manager software for easy connection management and automatic installation
  • Swivel hinge USB
  • Windows Vista/XP/2000 Operating System compatibility
  • USB 2.0 high-speed interface
  • Weight of 1.6 ounces
  • 3.1"(H) x 1.7"(W) x 0.5"(D)

Lifestyle features:

  • Ideal for individuals and organizations to stay connected while traveling.
  • Users simply activate the global feature on their Verizon Wireless account and the AD3700 automatically detects the local network and connects to the fastest Internet speed available from almost anywhere in the world.

Buy a high gain AD3700 Booster Antenna
Discuss the AD3700 on EVDOforums.com

Monday, August 10, 2009

Sprint EVDO is Most Reliable and Fastest 3G Network

Sprint is scoring big in recent testing by some big name 3rd parties.

Last month, PC World did exhaustive testing in 13 cities with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint modems and declared that Sprint has the "most reliable" 3G network

Over this past weekend, Boy Genius Report concluded their 'Carrier Wars' series by saying Sprint has the fastest 3G network

PCWorld's reliability results for Verizon mobile broadband were pretty close, but BGR's speed test results showed Sprint was significantly faster than #2 AT&T

For those considering mobile broadband, keep in mind that carrier coverage varies and you should pick the carrier who offers "true high speed 3G" service where you need it.

For the best advice, use the mobile broadband experts at http://3GStore.com

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

AT&T 3G Mobile Broadband Now Available from 3Gstore.com

3Gstore.com has expanded their mobile broadband solutions to include aircards and service for AT&T DataConnect! AT&T's USBConnect Mercury, USBConnect Quicksilver, and LaptopConnect Sierra Aircard 881 PCMCIA card are now all available from 3Gstore.com at these great prices:
When you sign up for service with 3Gstore, you have access to our superior customer and technical support - FREE! ... and you'll be eligible for great discounts on accessories for your aircard, including antennas and routers!

AT&T's Mobile Broadband service costs the same as Sprint's and Verizon's: $60/month with a 5GB allowance (overage charges of $0.48/mb apply after 5GB) and 3G coverage is available in most major metropolitan cities. Make sure to check your coverage or consult with a 3Gstore expert before purchasing.

Compare Sprint/Verizon/AT&T Coverage
Sprint vs Verizon vs AT&T: Which is "Better"?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cradlepoint CTR350 Router Now Just $99.99 at 3Gstore.com

Sharing your mobile broadband is now more affordable than ever! 3Gstore, your source for all things mobile broadband, is now selling the Cradlepoint CTR350 for just $99.99 (No Rebates, No Card Activation Required).

With the CTR350, you can easily share your mobile broadband connection (EVDO / HSDAP / 3G USB Data Card from Verizon, Sprint or AT&T) with multiple computers and WiFi-enabled devices. Simply attach your USB aircard or supported tethered phone/PDA and you can provide wireless internet access to your laptops, iPod Touch, gaming consoles, and more. It also features an ethernet port so that you can connect a device that doesn't have WiFi capabilities, such as a desktop computer, printer, or DVR.

The CTR350 is compatible with MANY mobile broadband devices and tether-capable phones - you can even attach your Novatel MiFi 2200 to it to extend the MiFi's wireless range and provide access to ethernet devices. You can view the full list of compatible devices here.

Click here to order the Cradlepoint CTR350 for $99.99!

If you are ordering your 3G Data Card with Service at the same time, purchase a CTR350 for only $64.99, plus get a $25 Mail-in Rebate - net cost is just $39.99 when you purchase with a card and 2 year contract at the same time!

With your purchase of the CTR350 from 3Gstore.com, you also get:
  • Expert Toll Free Tech Support (866-3GSTORE).
  • Free Tech Support via Email
  • 3Gstore.com Support CD (included free)

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Friday, July 24, 2009

CradlePoint Firmware 2.4.2 for CTR350/PHS300 Adds Support for MiFi 2200

The MiFi 2200 continues to be the hottest thing in mobile broadband, but it has serious limitations that have made it unattractive to some 'hard-core' users who need more versatility out of a router in a home or office setting. The MiFi's limited WiFi range, restrictions to five wireless clients, and lack of ethernet connections are all very annoying.

With the introduction of Firmware 2.4.2, many of the MiFi's shortcomings can now be overcome by tethering the MiFi to a CTR350 or PHS300

While attached to either Cradlepoint router:
  • more than five WiFi clients can be connected at greater distance to/from the router;
  • ethernet connections can be established (CTR350 only); and
  • the MiFi's internal battery is being charged.
Tethering the MiFi to either the CTR350 or PHS300 improves WiFi range as much as three times over that of the MiFi alone. (for even more range, firmware 1.6 allows tethering to the MBR1000 for as much as TEN times more WiFi range than the MiFi's built in radio allows for.)

With the release of 2.4.2 firmware, all Cradlepoint routers support all of the same devices. Of course, this will only last until the next official firmware release that adds support for newer devices.

Read more about Firmware 2.4.2 in the official release notes.
Buy a Cradlepoint from the Mobile BroadBand Experts @ 3GStore.com
Join the EVDOforums.com discussion on Firmware 2.4.2

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The EVDO Experts Give the Palm Pre a Whirl - and Return It

Sprint's latest attempt at competing with the seemingly un-beatable iPhone comes in the form of the Palm Pre, which aims to attract both iPhone and Blackberry fans with its full touch screen and slide-out QWERTY keypad. In addition to the intriguing combination of the touch screen and slide-out keypad, Sprint and Palm have also been heavily promoting the Pre's OS and app capabilities, hoping to set it apart from other PDAs on the market.

Reviews for the Pre have largely been positive thus far and demand has been steady, and the EVDO Experts at 3Gstore/EVDOinfo were just as excited about it as the rest of the community. We had high hopes for the Pre - particularly since it is a Rev-A model - but after using it for two weeks, we wound up returning it in favor of sticking with our Blackberry's and iPhones.

Why, you ask? That is an excellent question, as there is admittedly much to love about the Pre and in some ways it is indeed superior to other PDAs. Read on to find out what we loved, what we wished was different, and why we ultimately decided to forgo the Pre:

The good news - what we LIKED about the Palm Pre:
  • Size - the Pre is compact but not too tiny, and surprisingly the slide-out keyboard does not add much bulk.
  • Ease of use of the Web OS - Palm did a great job of making their new OS intuitive and user-friendly.
  • The ability to run more than one 3rd party application at a time is a HUGE plus and something the iPhone is really missing (on the iPhone you cannot run many apps "in the background" while using other functions of the phone or while using other apps - for example, if you have the MLB app running and are listening to audio of a baseball game, you can't toggle over to the mail app and leave the audio running. With the Pre, this is no problem.)
  • The Pre uses the concept of a deck of cards - i.e., you can "shuffle" between programs from the main screen - which is a great metaphor and makes using the phone very easy.
  • The ability to group contacts from all sorts of messaging platforms is a great organizational tool.
  • Physical keyboard - while the keyboard on the Pre didn't wow us (see more below), a physical QWERTY is simply much easier to use than a touch-input
  • The messaging dock at bottom of phone makes keeping track of E-mail, texts, and IM's a breeze.
  • Sprint Turn By Turn Navigation is built in and works great.
  • The Pre uses a cool Touchstone charging accessory (no cable - it's magnetic!)
With all that great stuff, how could this take a turn for the worse? Keep reading...

The bad news - what we DIDN'T like about the Palm Pre:
  • Screen size - the Pre's viewable screen is 1.72" x 2.58", considerably smaller than the iPhone 3G, whose viewable screen is about 1.94" x 2.91". It's not as tiny as the the screen on other Palm models, like the Centro, but it could stand to be a bit roomier.
  • The slide-out keypad is the only input option - there is no virtual QWERTY option on the screen. This is unfortunate because you have to slide out the keypad every time you want to type, which is occasionally inconvenient and sure to cause quick wear-and-tear.
  • Since the keypad slides out vertically and there is no virtual QWERTY, that also means that you can't type in landscape mode.
  • The calendar sync is not a true "push" - you have to push a button to sync your Google calendars (it won't update automatically).
  • Email browsing is surprisingly slow.
  • Web browsing was also slow - not the connection (Sprint's EVDO Rev-A network is capable of great speeds), but the program itself.
  • The contact program is missing some of the more detailed fields that we like on other phones, such as anniversary, spouses name, etc.
  • When using the touch screen, it was very difficult to confirm that the button has been pressed. Tapping the screen enables an animated effect to appear, but you would never really know what was just pressed most of the time. Getting used to the Pre's touch screen and determining what we were "clicking" proved frustrating and annoying.
  • While the multiple live apps functionality is great, there are minimal applications and developers for this new platform. That will certainly change in the future as more developers work with the OS, but for the time being the lack of available apps is a bit disappointing.
  • The keypad is very cramped and typing more than a few words on it simply is not enjoyable. After a few moments the user's hands and wrists began to ache and holding on to the phone while the keyboard is out is awkward and uncomfortable. The "feel" of the buttons is also quite different than what we're used to from most PDAs.
  • The Pre cannot record or edit video.
  • No tethering - while the Pre itself is technically capable of being used as a modem, Sprint will not allow you to add the necessary plans and features to use it as a modem!
Many of these "dislikes" are relatively minor - the contact fields, for example - but the cramped and uncomfortable keypad, small screen, and minimal app availability led our testers to return the Pre. All the positive points about the Pre are still valid and the Pre is in many ways a great phone, but in our opinion it didn't provide enough benefits over the iPhone or Blackberry Curve.

That said, we are hopeful for the future of the Pre and would venture to guess that as Palm continues to improve the OS and more apps become available, we'll be first in line to give it another try!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cradlepoint releases Firmware 1.6 to support MiFi 2200

CradlePoint has released Firmware Version 1.6 that provides both the MBR1000 and the CTR500 with official support for both the Verizon and Sprint versions of the popular MIFI 2200.

The MiFi is the hottest thing in mobile broadband but its short 30ft WiFi range, maximum of five wireless clients, and complete lack of ethernet connections are serious limitiations that have made it unattractive to some 'hard-core' users who need more versatility out of a router in a home or office setting.

With the introduction of Firmware 1.6, many of the MiFi's shortcomings can now be overcome by tethering the MiFi to a CTR500 or MBR1000!

While attached to either Cradlepoint router:

  • more than five WiFi clients can be connected at greater distance to/from the router;
  • ethernet connections can be established;
  • load balancing with other cellular devices and/or WAN connections are possible; and
  • the MiFi's internal battery is being charged.

Tethering the MiFi to a CTR500 improves WiFi range as much as three times over that of the MiFi alone, and tethering to the MBR1000 allows for even more WiFi range to and from the router -- as much as TEN times more WiFi range than the MiFi's built in radio allows for.

In our opinion, the combination of the highly portable MiFi "on the road" and the superior range and versatility of the MBR1000 at home or office, will make the MBR1000 the "hottest MiFi accessory".

Own a MiFi and want to improve upon its usefulness? Get a Cradlepoint 3G router from the mobile broadband experts at http://3gstore.com

Have you been putting off your MiFi purchase because of limitations we mention above? Get a GREAT deal on a MiFi bundled with an MBR1000.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Verizon Wireless shutting down SMTP relay service

Verizon Wireless recently announced that after "careful analysis" they have decided to discontinue the SMTP relay service that allowed mobile customers to send email. The shutdown is scheduled for August 29, 2009.

While the article does provide a link to alternative services compiled by Verizon staff, we recommend the free Gmail webmail service to all our mobile broadband customers.

Information on how to set up gmail for SMTP can be found at this link.

Customers who have obtained their mobile broadband service through 3GStore.com can request our 'Gmail TipSheet' by emailing support@3gstore.com

Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

iBooster for iPhone - It's Here and it's AMAZING!

There are a LOT of accessories available for iPhone users, from headphones to speakers to cases, but we believe we have found the MOST useful iPhone accessory of them all: the Wilson iBooster for iPhone!

AT&T's voice and especially high-speed mobile broadband networks are not available "everywhere", and if you're an iPhone user chances are you've experienced the frustration of weak signal strength (which equals crappy call quality and sloooooooow internet speeds). Since the iPhone doesn't have an antenna port, there wasn't an easy way to improve your AT&T connection - until now!

The iBooster for iPhone is an amplifier + charging solution for your iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3G S that utilizes a cradle and magnetic mount antenna to boost your voice and data signal AND charge your phone at the same time. Simply place your iPhone into the cradle, plug the power cable into your cigarette lighter, and pop the mag-mount antenna on your car's roof, and watch your signal and performance soar! Plus, the cradle will charge the phone, and the pass-through Dock Connector allows you to use your iPhone accessories (like an FM transmitter, for example) at the same time.

The best part? It really, truly WORKS - and it works VERY well. For example, in our tests our initial RSSI was -81dBm without the iBooster (already a good signal), and it improved to -67 with the iBooster on (remember, closer to zero is better). 14dBm is a pretty impressive improvement, particularly since we were testing in the city where signal was already strong - had we been in a weak signal area, we are confident that the increase would have been just as strong if not stronger. We also noticed quite a significant speed increase when using the iBooster: download speeds jumped from just under 900kbps to over 1400kbps, and upload speeds jumped by 100kbps, from 230 to about 330kbps. Since AT&T's 3G coverage is not nearly as widespread as one might hope, travelers in particular will love being able to get more out of their data service.

Check out our iBooster for iPhone videos below:

Unboxing the iBooster:

Demoing the iBooster:

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