Friday, January 30, 2009

Cradlepoint Officially Endorses MP3450i 3G Router Battery Pack

We love the new 3G Router Battery Pack that we are now selling at 3Gstore, and now we can add one more great reason why the MP3450i is the best commercial battery pack on the market for powering your 3G routers: Cradlepoint has endorsed the MP3450i and will continue to honor warranties if you use this battery with your Cradlepoint! Their official policy states:
"CradlePoint will officially accept use of the Tekkeon MP3450i with our products and will continue to honor our warranty. This offer only applies to the MP3450i and will only be honored if used in the configurations shown in the following article. Please reference the correct model number in all documentation as no other battery is accepted or honored with the CradlePoint warranty."
What this means is that the MP3450i is the ONLY battery pack accepted for use by Cradlepoint (using anything else will void your warranty) AND 3Gstore is currently the ONLY store in the USA to sell it!