Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Introducing the Tekkeon myPower MP3450i Battery Pack for 3G Routers!

One of the best things about wireless broadband like EVDO or HSPA is that it allows the user to stay connected no matter where they are, whether you're flying down the highway in your RV, writing a term paper at Starbucks, or telecommuting to work in your home office. Utilizing a router along with your wireless broadband service lets you get even more out of your service, since you can share it with multiple computers or create a home network. The downside to this, of course, is that with a router, you can't really be truly wireless - you need a power supply somewhere for the router!

When Cradlepoint released their battery-powered PHS300 router, we were thrilled, and so were many of our customers - it was our 5th best-selling item at 3Gstore in 2008! However, it made us even MORE hungry for a suitable battery that could provide power to the rest of our 3G routers - something reliable that could attach easily to the router and provide substantial (many hours) battery-powered life. After many months of testing and a lot of disappointments with sub-par products, we found the Tekkeon myPower MP3450i.

As I mentioned, we did a LOT of searching and testing before determining that the MP3450i was the BEST available product for our goal: to provide substantial backup battery power to a 3G router. Our qualifications for the perfect product were as follows:
  • Once properly set, the output voltage will never exceed maximum allowable for a particular router.
  • Once properly set, the output voltage will never drop below minimum allowable for a particular router.
  • Everything a user might need to use with a 3G router is included. User does not need to make a cable.
  • The unit must provide *significant* runtime for multiple models of 3G routers sold by
  • Remaining battery level must be visible and easy to read.
  • The manufacturer must back their product, and communicate well with 3Gstore when issues arise.
The MP3450i fit all of those qualifications and more. It uses dip switches to determine the DC voltage that it provides through the coiled output cable, and the various combinations of dip switch positions will allow for DC output voltage in 16 steps from 5volts to 19volts - meaning it's compatible with more devices without the risk of "frying" your router (something that happened to many customers attempting to use other batteries or making their own). Even better, the amount of battery life it is able to provide is phenomenal: Under normal cellular signal conditions the 3450i will power a CTR350, PHS300 or CTR500 for as much as SIXTEEN HOURS, and will power an MBR1000 or KR2 for as much as TWELVE HOURS! There's also an available extended battery (the MP3450-10) that you can connect to double!

Tekkeon MP3450i box contents
MP3450i ships with A/C adapter, five DC jacks, bag and manual

You'll want to read the full review of the MP3450i to get a full idea of how it works and what it does, but suffice it to say that we are very pleased with this product and excited to be the first US vendor to sell it!