Friday, January 09, 2009

Ovation U760 Rev. A EVDO 3G USB Modem from Sprint is now shipping the Novatel Ovation U760 Rev. A EVDO 3G USB modem for Sprint. With 2yr contract, the U760 is $99.99 before a $50 Mail In rebate, so net cost is $49.99 (thats less than Sprint charges).

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Sprint U760: First Impressions

The Ovation U760 Micro Modem has the following features:
The U760 DOES work with the latest firmware from CradlePoint for the MBR1000 & CTR500, the CTR350/PHS300 currently isn't supported, but there is a beta version that supports the Ovation U760, so we expect complete support with the next official firmware release).

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