Thursday, January 22, 2009

Verizon Announces 2 Changes

It's been a busy week for Verizon! The company announced 2 changes this week:

First, effective immediately, the name of Verizon's EVDO service has changed from BroadbandAccess to Verizon Mobile Broadband Access. Nothing about the service has changed at all - this is strictly a name change. So why bother changing the name? According to Verizon, "our customers have asked for product names that are easy to understand. We have listened to our customers and as a result we have made the name change. This is simply a name change and customers will still enjoy the same high quality service with high-speed wireless Internet." Interestingly, "Mobile Broadband" is what Sprint calls their EVDO service as well.

The second change affects Verizon cell phone customers and shows that progress is being made with the arduous task of integrating Alltel's systems into their own: they have updated their "In Calling" or "Mobile to Mobile" network to include some Alltel subscribers. Verizon's Mobile to Mobile calling and messaging program allows any subscriber with a monthly calling plan of $39.99 and above or a messaging plan that is at least $10/month make free calls, text and picture messages to other Verizon subscribers, and now they will be able to do so with certain Alltel customers, too! So if you're a Verizon subscriber with a friend on Alltel, you may be able to call him/her without using your minutes. Not all Alltel subscribers are included in this, so to check if an Alltel subscriber is now part of the Mobile to Mobile family, go to, then click "mobile to mobile" under the "learn more" tab; you will then see text that says "Are your friends and family in America's Largest Mobile to Mobile Calling Family?" and there will be a "find out now" button.

If you're not sure how this effects you, you should call your provider.

With all the work it takes to merge two huge systems like Alltel and Verizon, we're sure to see lots more announcements like these in the coming weeks and months!