Monday, January 26, 2009

Verizon's XV6900 Smartphone Gets a Rev-A Upgrade

Both Verizon and Sprint have been offering EVDO Rev-A on their networks for about two years now, but it's taken quite a while for either carrier to offer a decent selection of Rev-A capable phones. As more and more new devices hit the market, though, it looks like Rev-A might be becoming a more available feature at last. It was only very recently that Verizon launched the LG Dare, their first Rev-A phone (and a very cool device at that - check out our review!), but in the last few months they've released the popular Blackberry Storm and more recently the Samsung Saga and Omnia. Now we can add another device to the list of Verizon Rev-A phones: the XV6900 (AKA the HTC Touch).

Well that's not new, you say - It's been available since last spring! That's true - Verizon has had the XV6900 for almost a year now - but it was only capable of connecting to EVDO Rev-0. Now there is an upgrade available that will make your XV6900 Rev-A capable! In addition to making the phone Rev-A compatible, the official Windows Mobile 6.1 update provides an updated MMS client, Microsoft Remote Desktop Application, VzNavigator support, and support for 16GB microSD memory cards. This upgrade makes the XV6900 an excellent candidate for tethering. If you own an XV6900, you can download the upgrade from Personal Communications Devices' web site.

To read about the other Rev-A capable phones available from Sprint and Verizon or to discuss the XV6900 upgrade, visit the Rev-A Phones/PDA discussion on the EVDO Forums