Friday, February 27, 2009

Is the Verizon EVDO iPhone coming soon?

Verizon EVDO iPhoneVerizon has been trying to find EVDO and CDMA Engineers for months in their online iPhone job postings and many sites are reporting that while Steve Jobs is away sick, some Verizon EVDO fans at Apple are going to do whatever it takes to produce a Verizon EVDO iPhone.

Developing an EVDO iPhone will mean that Apple can dump the expensive Canadian Rogers network, and it will endear Apple to Vodafone, who have most of the iPhone contracts around the world.

Apple will also be able to give users who want better high speed mobile broadband speeds across the nation via EVDO -- the better option over AT&T's problematic 3G network.

Of course, we at 3Gstore look forward to selling and supporting the EVDO iPhone and hope that the day comes much sooner, than later.

Get well soon, Steve.... but not before we get our EVDO iPhones!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sprint Simply Everything + Mobile Broadband for Just $149.99/month

If you're a Sprint customer who uses both a cell phone and a data card - or if you're interested in joining the Sprint family - you might be interested in their "Simply Everything + Mobile Broadband" plan. Through March 2nd, you can sign up for this limited time only plan and save $10/month off the regular price of the Simply Everything plan and Mobile Broadband plan.

Sprint's Simply Everything plan for your phone gives you unlimited voice minutes, unlimited messaging, and unlimited data (on the phone), and usually costs $99/month. The Mobile Broadband service usually costs $59.99/month for 5GB, but with this promotional plan you'll pay just $149.99/month for all of this!

If you're already a Sprint customer, you can switch to this new plan at no charge. Remember, though, if you are on an old unlimited Sprint Mobile Broadband plan, switching to this NEW plan will make you subject to the 5GB policy, so keep that in mind.

If you're not currently a Sprint customer, 3Gstore sells and supports all Sprint phones, PDAs, and modems and would be happy to assist you in setting up a new Simply Everything + Mobile Broadband account!

Make sure you act fast, though: you must sign up by March 2nd, 2009 to take advantage of the deal!

Read the full press release

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3Gstore is a Proud Platinum Cradlepoint Partner

It's no secret that we at 3Gstore loooove our Cradlepoint routers. We recommend them over any other router in almost every situation and even use them ourselves! Since late 2007 we've sold over 12,000 Cradlepoint routers, and the various models took 3 of the top 5 spots on our best sellers list in 2008.

Cradlepoint's products stand out from all of the routers we've ever tested (and we've tested a lot!), and a huge part of why we love them is the excellent support they provide to us and our customers. We've had a wide variety of experiences with manufacturers, which are documented in our EVDO Router Report Card, and Cradlepoint is far and away the best manufacturer we deal with.

As one of Cradlepoint's Platinum Partners, we have forged a very special partnership with Cradlepoint technologies that allows us to work closely with their engineers as they update existing products and develop new ones. We don't simply sell their products - we actually communicate with their staff on a daily basis about everything from features we'd like to see to advanced technical troubleshooting and future product ideas! This of course translates into better products and better customer service. 3Gstore's unique relationship with Cradlepoint means we are able to provide unmatched support to our customers.

cradlepoint mbr1000, phs300, ctr500, ctr350
The Cradlepoint Tower of Power!
Bottom: MBR1000. Top (from left): PHS300 , CTR350 , CTR50

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Monday, February 09, 2009

New Cradlepoint Promo's at 3Gstore!

We at 3Gstore LOVE our Cradlepoint routers, and our customers love them too! They're bar none the best 3G routers on the market - incredibly well-made, support a huge variety of devices, offer a robust assortment of features (including security and load balancing), and are oft-updated to support new modems and phones.

We always offer great deals on Cradlepoint routers (our prices are so low Cradlepoint won't even let us advertise them!!), but we have some extra special deals for the CTR350, PHS300, and CTR500 right now! Check them out below:

The following deals apply ONLY to the indicated product and cannot be substituted.


CTR 350: Only $99 after $25 mail-in rebate (regular price $124.00). if you purchase with new Sprint or Verizon service, save even more on your package price.


PHS 300: Receive a WiFi Hotspot Travel Kit (Carrying Case & Cigarette Lighter Automotive Adapter) FREE from CradlePoint after mail in rebate.

ctr500 package for $199

CTR500 Mobile Pack: For just $199.99, you get a CTR500, cigarette lighter power adapter, WiFi antenna, and soft carrying case! That's a $45 savings off the individual prices!

Make sure to order soon so you don't miss out - these offers expire at the end of March!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Get a FREE Booster Antenna With 2-Yr Sprint Activation!

3Gstore sells a lot of cool products - the Cradlepoint MBR1000, new MP3450i battery pack, and Omni External Antenna, to name a few - but our most popular product has always been the classic Booster Antenna. It's small, it's portable, you don't need to mount anything, and IT WORKS - what could be better?

How about if it was FREE? From now through the end of February, 3Gstore customers who sign up for Sprint EVDO service with a 2-year contract will receive a FREE Booster Antenna with their order. This is the same antenna that sells for $47.95 regularly on 3Gstore (and even more elsewhere) and includes the appropriate adapter cable to connect to your modem.

To take advantage of this offer, simply place your Sprint order online or over the phone with one of our EVDO experts and you will automatically receive the free booster antenna and adapter cable. This offer applies to any 2-year Sprint activation order placed with 3Gstore through the end of February, including upgrades (note: this offer is NOT extended to upgrading customers who aren't renewing their contract).

booster antenna with u760
The Booster Antenna with Sprint Compass 597 and PHS300 router (sold separately)

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Verizon Makes You Work for Your Rebate

Everyone loves getting a deal, particularly on expensive tech devices and even moreso in the current economy. Wireless providers are well aware of this and have adapter their pricing over the years to offer the best discounts they can while keeping the deal to their advantage - giving away a free phone when you sign a 2-year contract, for example. Offering mail-in rebates is another popular technique used by companies like Verizon and Sprint; they can advertise a super-low price but the burden to take advantage of it falls upon the customer.

Last September Verizon switched from sending out standard paper checks for rebates to sending out pre-loaded Visa debit cards, a move that has been met with mixed reviews - on one hand, you can use the money right away, but you can't simply deposit it into your checking account like you can with a paper check. Now they have announced another change to their rebate policy, but this one will probably not be as popular: effective immediately, Verizon will be requiring customers to include a copy of their signed customer agreement in addition to the receipt and original UPC to qualify for the rebate.

If you purchase your Verizon data card or phone from a reputable store or online retailer (like 3Gstore!) this should be no problem, since you automatically receive a copy of your agreement with your receipt and device. It's just another copy to make and another item for your checklist!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Sprint Premier Customers to Get Special Rewards

Do you ever wish your wireless provider would be a little more appreciative of your business? If you're a Sprint customer, your wish might be coming true!

If you've been with Sprint for a long time (10+ years) or have an individual plan that is $69.99+ or a family plan that is $99.99+, you may be eligible to be a "Premier" Sprint customer. Sprint's new program gives some pretty valuable rewards to Premier customers, including early upgrades (you can get the same deal after just 1 year that you would normally not get until 2 years), bonus minutes, and discounts on accessories.

In order to be eligible, one of the following must apply to you:

1) For three consecutive months, consumer customers must be on an individual wireless plan of at least $69.99 per month or spend at least $99.99 per month on a plan that shares minutes, or

2) they must have been a Sprint wireless customer for at least 10 years.

If you are only a Sprint customer for your EVDO service, this unfortunately probably does not apply to you since your bill is only $59.99/month. If you're a cell phone customer using a decent amount of minutes, chances are your plan falls into "Premier" status!

For complete rules about Sprint Premier, visit

See the full press release on

3Gstore Unveils New Easy EVDO Coverage Tool

We get a lot of calls from folks who are interested in EVDO service but aren't sure whether they even have access to the network at their location, or *think* they are in a covered area but would like to see how Sprint's and Verizon's coverage stacks up. Both Sprint and Verizon offer coverage tools that allow you to check their coverage by address, but the maps are tricky to find on their official sites and always default to voice coverage - not data!'s new EVDO Coverage Comparison Tool makes it easier for people to see what high-speed EVDO coverage from Verizon or Sprint looks like over their area using their zipcode. We've incorporated Sprint's and Verizon's coverage maps into one easy-to-use tool with tabs at the top of the page that allow a user to switch views quickly and compare the two providers:

We even made sure to make it easy for you to send the information to family or friends.

To send a link with a specific zipcode already preloading, use this URL syntax:
(substitute the zipcode of your choice)

If you want to showcase Verizon coverage at a zipcode, send this:
(substitute the zipcode of your choice)

To showcase Sprint coverage, you can send this instead:
(substitute the zipcode of your choice)

and of course, if you want to make them work for it, just send:

We hope you all find this new "EVDO Coverage Comparison Tool" useful, we know the 3Gstore staff will certainly be taking advantage of it!