Monday, February 02, 2009

3Gstore Unveils New Easy EVDO Coverage Tool

We get a lot of calls from folks who are interested in EVDO service but aren't sure whether they even have access to the network at their location, or *think* they are in a covered area but would like to see how Sprint's and Verizon's coverage stacks up. Both Sprint and Verizon offer coverage tools that allow you to check their coverage by address, but the maps are tricky to find on their official sites and always default to voice coverage - not data!'s new EVDO Coverage Comparison Tool makes it easier for people to see what high-speed EVDO coverage from Verizon or Sprint looks like over their area using their zipcode. We've incorporated Sprint's and Verizon's coverage maps into one easy-to-use tool with tabs at the top of the page that allow a user to switch views quickly and compare the two providers:

We even made sure to make it easy for you to send the information to family or friends.

To send a link with a specific zipcode already preloading, use this URL syntax:
(substitute the zipcode of your choice)

If you want to showcase Verizon coverage at a zipcode, send this:
(substitute the zipcode of your choice)

To showcase Sprint coverage, you can send this instead:
(substitute the zipcode of your choice)

and of course, if you want to make them work for it, just send:

We hope you all find this new "EVDO Coverage Comparison Tool" useful, we know the 3Gstore staff will certainly be taking advantage of it!