Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sierra Wireless TRU-Flow improves 3G / EVDO performance

TRU-Flow LogoSierra Wireless patent-pending technology expanded to EV-DO product line; monitors and adjusts for congestion to ensure the fastest performance possible with or without a VPN

VANCOUVER, March 31 - Sierra Wireless today announced the expansion of the company's patent-pending TRU-Flow(TM) technology to include Sierra Wireless EV-DO products. First launched in the company's HSPA product line in 2007 to address the issue of reduced data transfer speed during simultaneous upload and download, TRU-Flow is the only technology in the world to improve web page load times during uplink congestion even with virtual private network (VPN) enabled.

Sierra Wireless TRU-Flow is designed to address the way real users work over their wireless connections. When a wireless network user attempts to upload and download over the wireless network at the same time, congestion can reduce data throughput, slowing down performance. Sierra Wireless TRU-Flow monitors IP traffic and data throughput to optimize the overall upload and download modem performance. When there is uplink congestion, TRU-Flow technology is theoretically capable of 9 times increase in download throughput. Field tests show an average 100 percent increase in the download throughput performance and an average 100 percent improvement in web page load times even with a VPN enabled and regardless of the mobile operator network.

"TRU-Flow is a great example of the many behind-the-scenes touches Sierra Wireless adds to its products to improve the customer experience," said Jim Kirkpatrick, chief technology officer for Sierra Wireless. "We recognize that our customers have many choices in wireless modems today, and we put considerable effort into ensuring that when they choose a Sierra Wireless product, they receive a better experience in terms of performance and reliability than they can get from an alternative."

Sierra Wireless TRU-Flow will be integrated into upcoming Sierra Wireless EV-DO products, including the AirCard 402 data card, the Sierra Wireless USB 598, and EV-DO embedded modules.

For more information about Sierra Wireless TRU-Flow, including a white paper that provides a more detailed look at the technology, please visit http://www.sierrawireless.com/product/tru-flow.aspx

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