Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey RVers! 3Gstore will be at "theRally" in Albuquerque

3Gstore will be at "theRALLY" in Albuquerque, New Mexico from April 17 ~ 20, 2009

Billed as the "biggest and best RV event of the year", we expect to provide Mobile BroadBand / EVDO education to thousands of novice and experienced RVers!

If you've got questions or just want to see the gear you've heard discussed on -- and even some brand new gear that has never been shown at any public event -- come and check us out at Booth 401 of the indoor exhibits!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Cradlepoint Firmware Release 1.5.1 adds 4G Support

3Gstore is pleased to announce firmware release 1.5.1 from Cradlepoint for the popular MBR1000, CTR500, MBR800, and CBA250 routers. The firmware adds support for 4G / WiMAX devices including the Clear USB modem, Sprint U300, and the ZTE TU25!

For more information and links to firmware downloads, check out:

click here to discuss this firmware on EVDOforums

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Novatel MiFi upate: 5 users, 30ft range, 4hr runtime

We got to spend a few quality minutes with Novatel's MiFi "Intelligent Mobile Hotspot" at their booth at the CTIA 2009 show in Las Vegas.

On display were two models of MiFi: the unit on left is EVDO, the right is GSM/HSPA.

The unit we connected to was operational on Verizon's EVDO network and had working web admin, but but there wasn't any of the linux app capabilities that would justify the "intelligent" part of its name.

Senior product manager Ted gave up some interesting details:
  • wifi g range of about 30ft
  • allows for 1 to 5 users
  • 4hr battery runtime, 40hr standby
  • standard mini-usb port for charging battery
  • novaspeed capable
  • internal dual-band diversity antenna
  • no external antenna jack
  • allows for manual/usb tether to single computer
  • hspa model likely to come out first, overseas
  • hspa model has microsd slot that is available to all attached computers
  • one model per carrier, embedded module is not user swappable and a mifi for one carrier, cannot become a mifi for another
We meet with them again tomorrow and will report any additional info we find out about... like perhaps which U.S. carrier will see this thing first?