Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CradlePoint CTR350/PHS300 2.4 Firmware Adds Support For More Devices

Cradlepoint PHS300 and CTR350

CradlePoint has released Firmware Version 2.4 that provides official device support for:

  • Sprint AirCard 402 (requires USB to expresscard adapter)
  • Alltel EC168
  • AT&T QuickSilver and MC930D
  • Cricket CalComp A600

Other international market devices and additional information about this firmware release can be found in the official Cradlepoint release notes PDF for firmware 2.4

PLEASE NOTE: Upgrading to this firmware release will cause a factory reset from previous firmware. Please be sure to save your configuration settings (Tools -> Admin menu) before loading this firmware and then restore your configuration afterwards.

For those ordering the CTR350 or PHS300 from, starting 05/28/09, we will automatically include a CD that has the latest firmware.

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