Thursday, May 07, 2009

Does your 3G/EVDO modem have an antenna jack?

Got Jack? ... antenna jack, that is. Like the one we've got an 'adapter cable' stuck into on the side of a new Sprint 598U, below:

Every day we get calls from customers asking if we can help with weak cellular signal, and not all our customers believe us when we tell them their modem has a little antenna jack that allows them to attach our high gain antennas to.

To help our customers understand what we already know, we've put together the "3Gstore Antenna Jack Locator" -- an index to modems that we've attached adapters cables to and taken pictures of.

Did you know there was an rf/antenna jack on every currently sold USB modem and/or expresscard from Verizon and Sprint? its true. USB760? check. UM175? check. V740? check. 598U? yessir. EX720? youbetcha.

Want to see if your 3G / EVDO modem has an antenna jack? Want to see what our selection of 3G antennas looks like? already have an antenna and need a different adapter cable? ... then check out the info we've collected at: