Thursday, May 14, 2009

Verizon lowers EVDO overage charge and tethering cost

As we suspected they might, Verizon has lowered their overage charges for their EVDO Mobile Broadband service.

The Verizon 5GB/mo data plan used to have a $250/GB overage charge, and should now only be $50/GB -- which matches that of EVDO competitor Sprint.

Additionally, Verizon changed their lower priced $39.99/mo data plan, increasing the allowance to 250MB (from 50MB) and dropping the overage charge from $250/GB to just $100/GB

FYI, we still don't think anyone will be able to stay under a 250MB/mo allowance.

Lastly, verizon's "Data feature" for tethering cell phones used to cost $59.99/mo, but should now just be $49.99/mo and will also have a lowered overage charge of $50/GB after the 5GB/mo allowance.

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