Thursday, June 25, 2009

iBooster for iPhone - It's Here and it's AMAZING!

There are a LOT of accessories available for iPhone users, from headphones to speakers to cases, but we believe we have found the MOST useful iPhone accessory of them all: the Wilson iBooster for iPhone!

AT&T's voice and especially high-speed mobile broadband networks are not available "everywhere", and if you're an iPhone user chances are you've experienced the frustration of weak signal strength (which equals crappy call quality and sloooooooow internet speeds). Since the iPhone doesn't have an antenna port, there wasn't an easy way to improve your AT&T connection - until now!

The iBooster for iPhone is an amplifier + charging solution for your iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3G S that utilizes a cradle and magnetic mount antenna to boost your voice and data signal AND charge your phone at the same time. Simply place your iPhone into the cradle, plug the power cable into your cigarette lighter, and pop the mag-mount antenna on your car's roof, and watch your signal and performance soar! Plus, the cradle will charge the phone, and the pass-through Dock Connector allows you to use your iPhone accessories (like an FM transmitter, for example) at the same time.

The best part? It really, truly WORKS - and it works VERY well. For example, in our tests our initial RSSI was -81dBm without the iBooster (already a good signal), and it improved to -67 with the iBooster on (remember, closer to zero is better). 14dBm is a pretty impressive improvement, particularly since we were testing in the city where signal was already strong - had we been in a weak signal area, we are confident that the increase would have been just as strong if not stronger. We also noticed quite a significant speed increase when using the iBooster: download speeds jumped from just under 900kbps to over 1400kbps, and upload speeds jumped by 100kbps, from 230 to about 330kbps. Since AT&T's 3G coverage is not nearly as widespread as one might hope, travelers in particular will love being able to get more out of their data service.

Check out our iBooster for iPhone videos below:

Unboxing the iBooster:

Demoing the iBooster:

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