Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cradlepoint releases Firmware 1.6 to support MiFi 2200

CradlePoint has released Firmware Version 1.6 that provides both the MBR1000 and the CTR500 with official support for both the Verizon and Sprint versions of the popular MIFI 2200.

The MiFi is the hottest thing in mobile broadband but its short 30ft WiFi range, maximum of five wireless clients, and complete lack of ethernet connections are serious limitiations that have made it unattractive to some 'hard-core' users who need more versatility out of a router in a home or office setting.

With the introduction of Firmware 1.6, many of the MiFi's shortcomings can now be overcome by tethering the MiFi to a CTR500 or MBR1000!

While attached to either Cradlepoint router:

  • more than five WiFi clients can be connected at greater distance to/from the router;
  • ethernet connections can be established;
  • load balancing with other cellular devices and/or WAN connections are possible; and
  • the MiFi's internal battery is being charged.

Tethering the MiFi to a CTR500 improves WiFi range as much as three times over that of the MiFi alone, and tethering to the MBR1000 allows for even more WiFi range to and from the router -- as much as TEN times more WiFi range than the MiFi's built in radio allows for.

In our opinion, the combination of the highly portable MiFi "on the road" and the superior range and versatility of the MBR1000 at home or office, will make the MBR1000 the "hottest MiFi accessory".

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