Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sprint adds new "Any Mobile, Anytime" Feature for "Everything Data" Plans

If you're subscribed Sprint's "Everything Data" plan, Sprint has some good news for you: with their new "Any Mobile, Anytime" addition, you can now call ANY mobile number on ANY carrier in the US without using your minute allowance! The "Everything Data" plan has always been popular, as it includes a minute allowance and unlimited messaging and data use on your phone, but the plan is even more of a bargain now that calling any mobile number on any US carrier will not use your minutes.

The "Everything Data" plan is available for individual and family lines. Individual subscribers can opt for 450 minutes for $69.99/mo or 900 minutes for $89.99/mo; for family plans, users can share 1500 minutes for $129.99/mo or 3000 minutes for $169.99/mo (for two lines - additional lines will add $19.99/mo).

If you're already subscribed the the Everything Data plan, you don't have to do anything to take advantage of this new feature. If you'd like to sign up for Sprint service or upgrade your existing phone, you can order securely from 3Gstore.