Friday, October 16, 2009

The dog ate my Cradlepoint!

Just when you lost hope, there are no honest and trustworthy people out there. Well, 3gstore has a story for you. The other day we received a call from a teacher that had ordered a cradlepoint mbr1000 router. One of 3gstore’s best selling items. Now this teacher has heard her share of excuses... For example, "burglars stole my report at gun point" or “my dog ate my homework.” This teacher had no idea what she was going to experience for herself, when she simply placed an on-line order from

Upon arriving home, our customer noticed several pieces of packaging on her front lawn. She continued to proceed to the back door where she found more evidence of a package by 3Gstore.

Well, similar to her students when our customer contacted us, she uttered the following words, “Ummmmm, your never going to believe this but ….I think a dog ate my CradlePoint!”

You see, Lucky next door decided to tear into a brand new MBR1000 router. He must have mistaken it for a juicy T-Bone Steak. 3Gstore technicians feel it is more in a class of a filet Mignon, but Lucky didn’t care!

Mmmmm…….. plastic antennas and an AC power adapter, Mmmmmm I just love getting myself tangled up in these wires.

We were very upset to hear this story, so we first called Fedex. They wouldn’t let us file a claim, so we decided to call our friends at Cradlepoint. Did you know were Platinum Partners?

They hear the story and offer to send the customer a FREE router. There are two morals of this story, one, there are good people out there and two, when in hostile environments ask for signature required!

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