Friday, November 13, 2009

Palm Pixi Now Available @ 3Gstore - Just $49.99 after Rebate w/ Contract!

The Palm Pixi is officially launching on Sprint on Sunday, and it is now available at The sleek Pixi has been likened to a "little brother" of the Pre, as it offers many similar features (including Palm's WebOS), but the Pixi is smaller, more affordable, and utilizes the "centro"-style design, with a touch screen on top and a full QWERTY right below. It's a fun phone and super easy to use - but unfortunately, like the Pre, NO TETHERING SUPPORT!

You can read the full specs and order here:

Palm Pixi w/ 2-yr Sprint contract, $49.99 after rebate

Palm Pixi WITHOUT contract, $379.99

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