Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pay-As-You-Go (NO CONTRACT) Mobile Broadband Now Available from 3Gstore

If you've been considering mobile broadband but were turned off by the prospect of a 2-year contract or felt you didn't need 5GB per month, 3Gstore has a solution for you: Pay-As-You-Go 3G Mobile Broadband!

How it Works: Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Broadband from 3Gstore is extremely easy to use - it works just like a pre-paid cell phone, but with data instead of voice minutes. You simply purchase the aircard and then purchase pre-paid service as you need it (in 1GB or 250MB increments; you can re-load anytime online or by calling a toll-free number). Once you activate your pre-paid service, you can use your aircard just like you would if you had a contract with a service provider - you can use the aircard right in your computer or even use it with a router to share the connection with multiple computers! To make things as easy as possible for our customers, 3Gstore includes a helpful tipsheet and a CD with the latest versions of the Sprint connection manager software (for both Mac and Windows computers, including Mac 10.3 - 10.6x and Windows XP, Vista and Win7) when you purchase your modem.

How Much Does it Cost? The Sierra Wireless 598U modem is $79.99, and that is a one-time cost - you OWN the modem. There are two options for the pre-paid service:
Benefits of Using Pay-As-You Go Mobile Broadband from 3Gstore:
  • NO contracts
  • NO credit check
  • NO deposits
  • NO daily or monthly fees
  • NO expiration date on the pre-paid service cards (once you activate the service, you must use it within 8 days [for the 250MB] or 30 days [for the 1GB], but until you activate it, it will never expire!)
  • Nationwide EVDO coverage on Sprint's network - check your Sprint coverage here:
  • The 598U aircard is compatible with a wide variety of mobile broadband routers - share your connection with multiple computers/devices!
  • The 598U aircard features an antenna port where you can connect an external antenna to improve your signal
  • Reload by calling a toll free number (7am - 1am).
Who Should Use Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Broadband? Pre-paid mobile broadband can be a great option for many users. Here are just a few situations where Pay-As-You-Go mobile broadband is a perfect solution:
  • Occasional travelers - if you have cable or DSL at home and only need mobile broadband occasionally, now you can stay connected while on the road and not have to pay for the service while you're at home!
  • Business trips, conferences, trade shows
  • Backup in case your primary internet connection goes down
  • Temporary/short-term internet access
  • RV-ers who use campground WiFi - when campground WiFi is unavailable or unreliable, you'll have a backup ready
  • Canadian travelers who want to stay connected on their trips to the US
  • Folks who tried to sign up for a contract with a service provider but were told they needed to pay a hefty deposit due to poor or no credit
  • Anyone wanting to avoid signing a contract or going through a credit check

To purchase Pay-As-You-Go modems and service from 3Gstore, visit

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