Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cradlepoint CBA750 ships on 12/28/09

The Cradlepoint CBA750 is a follow-up product to Cradlepoint's first "broadband adapter", the CBA250.

The CBA750 looks to share the same case as the MBR1200 but features three usb ports, a single expresscard/34 slot, and NO WIFI (its not meant to be a "router" really.)

Like the CBA250, the primary purpose of the CBA750 is to convert mobile broadband to ethernet accessible IP, complete with "Public IP pass through".

The CBA750 can switch from a "configuration mode" which allows for management via web browser admin, or "IP Pass Through" mode where the unit bi-directionally converts from mobile broadband to ethernet, an ethernet to mobile broadband.

We have a preliminary writeup on and are planning a full review after it ships on December 28, 2009

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