Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sierra Overdrive 3G/4G Portable Hotspot Now Available at 3Gstore!

sierra overdrive for sprint

As a follow-up product to the success of their first mobile hotspot -- the MiFi 2200 -- Sprint has launched a game-changing product called the Sprint OverDrive. The Sprint OverDrive (aka Sierra Wireless W801) is a mobile hotspot that allows high speed connections to Sprint's nationwide 3G network as well as their faster 4G WiMAX network, for as many as five wireless devices.

The Sprint OverDrive is available from 3Gstore.com right now for $99.99 after rebate with a new 2-year contract. 3G/4G service is available for just $59.99/mo; this plan provides unlimited 4G data use and 5GB of data use on 3G network with overage charge of $0.05/mb. Since the 3G/4G data plan for the OverDrive is the same price as Sprint's 3G-only service, users thinking about 3G service may want to look at the OverDrive as an option, even if they aren't in 4G coverage. You'll be able to use 3G now, and when you travel to a 4G area or when Sprint launches 4G in your area, you'll be set!

Read more about the Overdrive in our "Product Spotlight"

Order the Overdrive for $149.99 - $50 mail-in rebate securely from 3Gstore

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sprint 3G/4G U301 USB Modem Now Available at 3Gstore

Sprint's newest dual-mode USB modem, the U301, is now available at 3Gstore! The U301 is a dual-mode device that can connect to both Sprint's 4G WiMAX network and their nationwide 3G EVDO Rev-A network - you'll enjoy super-fast 4G speeds where available, and when you travel outside a 4G market, the U301 will automatically connect to Sprint's 3G network!

Sprint's new 3G/4G plan makes the U301 an excellent option even for users who aren't currently in a Sprint 4G area. 3G/4G service is the same price as Sprint's 3G-only service - $59.99/mo - and provides unlimited 4G access and 5GB of 3G access. If you were considering signing up for Sprint's 3G mobile broadband service with a 3G-only device, we highly recommend considering the U301 instead - for the exact same monthly price you'll be able to use 3G service now and when 4G does become available in your area (or if you travel to a 4G area) in the future, you'll be prepared with a compatible device!

More about the U301:

* Dimensions: 3.5" x 1.27" x 0.92"
* Weight: 1.25 oz
* Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.4 and later
* Cradlepoint router support coming soon!

The U301 is available from 3Gstore for FREE with a new 2-year contract (pay $49.99 and receive a $50 mail-in rebate). Remember, when you order your Sprint service through 3Gstore you'll have access to our esteemed technical support as well as discounts on routers (Cradlepoint plans on supporting the U301 in an upcoming firmware release) and antennas/amplifiers (there are currently no signal-boosting options for improving the 4G signal, but repeaters can be used to improve your 3G signal)!

Order the U301 for $49.99 - $50 mail-in rebate securely from 3Gstore

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sprint's New Mobile Broadband Plan Offers 3G & 4G for $59.99/mo!

Sprint 3G/4G for $59.99/mo

Whenever new technology debuts, customers understandably become concerned about buying products that are going to be outdated or getting stuck in a service contract when something better is on the way. Now that Sprint's 4G internet service is becoming available to users in more and more cities and more dual-mode 3G/4G devices are hitting the market, folks who were considering signing up for 3G mobile broadband service now have another option to contemplate. Luckily, Sprint has put together a new mobile broadband plan that gives you access to both their 3G and 4G networks at the SAME price as their 3G plan, just $59.99/month! You get the same 5GB of 3G service plus unlimited 4G access - Sprint is essentially giving away their 4G service at no additional charge!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3Gstore is Now a CLEAR (4G WiMAX) Dealer!

3Gstore.com is now a CLEAR online authorized retailer! For nearly five years 3Gstore (formerly booster-antenna.com) has been the go-to source for all things 3G, and now we've expanded to offer our customers the latest in mobile broadband technology.

CLEAR provides 4G WiMAX internet access, which is like 3G mobile broadband technologies like EVDO, but much faster! It provides average download speeds of 3 to 6 mbps with bursts up to 10mbps. There are three different modems available (a 4G USB device, a "home modem", and a dual-mode 3G/4G device) and a myriad of plans available to fit every usage need and budget. Click here to read more about CLEAR!

Click here to order CLEAR products and services from 3Gstore!