Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3Gstore is Now a CLEAR (4G WiMAX) Dealer!

3Gstore.com is now a CLEAR online authorized retailer! For nearly five years 3Gstore (formerly booster-antenna.com) has been the go-to source for all things 3G, and now we've expanded to offer our customers the latest in mobile broadband technology.

CLEAR provides 4G WiMAX internet access, which is like 3G mobile broadband technologies like EVDO, but much faster! It provides average download speeds of 3 to 6 mbps with bursts up to 10mbps. There are three different modems available (a 4G USB device, a "home modem", and a dual-mode 3G/4G device) and a myriad of plans available to fit every usage need and budget. Click here to read more about CLEAR!

Click here to order CLEAR products and services from 3Gstore!