Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sprint's New Mobile Broadband Plan Offers 3G & 4G for $59.99/mo!

Sprint 3G/4G for $59.99/mo

Whenever new technology debuts, customers understandably become concerned about buying products that are going to be outdated or getting stuck in a service contract when something better is on the way. Now that Sprint's 4G internet service is becoming available to users in more and more cities and more dual-mode 3G/4G devices are hitting the market, folks who were considering signing up for 3G mobile broadband service now have another option to contemplate. Luckily, Sprint has put together a new mobile broadband plan that gives you access to both their 3G and 4G networks at the SAME price as their 3G plan, just $59.99/month! You get the same 5GB of 3G service plus unlimited 4G access - Sprint is essentially giving away their 4G service at no additional charge!

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